12 (Blog) Days of Christmas: On the Ninth Day
No Bah, Humbug Here

The 12 (Blog) Days of Christmas: On the Tenth Day

On the Tenth (blog) Day of Christmas  . . . I give you memories!

So many Christmases. . .

Little Kym Xmas Card

So many presents . . .


So many memories through the years.

Late 60s Xmas with Di

On Christmas Eve, especially it seems, I remember all my Christmases past.

Tom and Kym early 80s Xmas

I remember the magic. . .

Little Erin and Little Brian Xmas 1994

and the fun.

2003 e 9th b 6th

I think about how things change . . .

2006 xmas card

and how they don't. 

Mulhern Xmas Card 2012

May happy memories of Christmases past surround YOU today!