12 (Blog) Days of Christmas . . . on the Twelfth Day
Happy New Year!

Right Now. . . December

Here's what's going on in my life  . . . RIGHT NOW.


Watching . . . Movies.  Lots of movies.  This week alone, Tom and I have made three trips to the theatre.  Silver Linings Playbook.  Les Miserables.  Django Unchained.  ALL Very Good!  (We've also recently seen Argo, Lincoln, and Skyfall.  Worth seeing.  Every One.)

Reading . . . Just finished The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman.  Very difficult, but very moving.  I'm speed-reading through Turn of Mind by Alice LaPlante (a page-turner with an interesting point of view), and savoring two books of poetry by Mary Oliver (Christmas gifts from Tom).  I'm still slogging through The Stockholm Octavo by Karen Engelmann (disappointing).

Knitting . . . Ah.  My knitting.  A rather sorry state of affairs at present.  Let's just say . . . I'm on a bit of an accessories kick. . . and leave it right there for now.

Listening to . . . NOT Christmas music.  Pretty much anything BUT Christmas music, in fact.  (There just comes a point when it Has to Stop.  Y'know?)


Thinking about . . . Work, mostly.  (And in a good way.)

Dreading . . . Both Brian and Tom (AND my best pal, Sandie) have been struck low with a dreadful coughing CRUD.  So far, I have been spared.  I keep downing EmergenC. . . hoping for a full reprieve, but dreading the CRUD all the same.

Humming . . . Songs from Les Mis . . . and, in particular, "Stars" (the Inspector Javert/Russell Crowe song).  I have seen the stage production of Les Mis many, many (many!) times over the last 20 years.  I was, frankly, a bit worried about how I would respond to "movie stars" singing in the movie (and, truth be told, I was especially worried about Russell Crowe singing Javert's "Stars," one of my favorites from the musical).  But.  Not a problem.  I loved it still.  And, although some critics have not been kind about Crowe's voice, I loved his rendition of "Stars."  I thought his voice brought a real-ness, a human-ness to both Javert AND the song.  

Planning . . . Setting my 2013 planner to rights, and getting organized for the new year.


Celebrating . . . the New Year, of course!  Our plans on New Year's Eve are never glamorous or exciting.  This year, we're going to a special New Year's Eve dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants with friends ("Five Courses, No Regrets" . . . gotta love it!).  Then. . . home to watch the ball drop (without Dick Clark . . .).

Drinking . . . Pendleton Canadian Rye Whisky.  (On the rocks.)

Itching to . . . Be a lazy slob.  Forever.

Needing to . . . Write my thank-you notes, put away Christmas, and get ready to hit the ground running come January 2!

Organizing . . . My calendar for 2013.


Inspired by . . . Blank calendars and planners.  Just makes me want to fill 'em up!

Delighted by. . . Snow.  (Even though there isn't much of it.)

How about YOU?  What's going on for YOU . . . right now?


ADDENDUM:  Knitters, be sure to check this out before the end of the year!  SHARE THE LOVE!  Give yourself a wonderful holiday gift . . . a free pattern of your choosing from Tin Can Knits!


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We have hit the movie theater twice last weekend -- Lincoln and The Hobbit. First, excellent; second, bleh (too many battle scenes). HNY to you!


Your photos are just beautiful today! Hoping you dodge the crud and spend 2013 healthy and happy! Happy New year to you-


Happy New Year! Looks like what's going on is pretty okay! And oh to be a lazy slob forever....so fun. Our dinner plans were cancelled this afternoon as my pal is sick. Staying in and loving it! A good bottle of cab and my honey, what's not to like. Bring on 2013! ;-)


I LOVE all the snow shots. not much for you but way more than the zero we've seen (truth be told, photographs of snow is my favorite way to see it!). I, too, am on an accessory knitting kick, but I got new boots for christmas and that just might be the thing to get me knitting. a skirt! happy new year, Kym!


Happy new year to you and yours! :)

kathy b

All the best to you in 2013.

Your images are lovely and peaceful.

Im tired from working nights all weekend.
My NYE will be ...silent. FIreman is at work. Im too tired to move.....bet i'll be in bed by 9.

THEN 2013 and the last night shift of my nursing career!! YIPEE


Sandie, too?! Oh no. I'm so sorry, sweetie. That cough seems to be everywhere. I hope you can avoid it. Not sure what I think of my Jenny being left in charge if you take ill, too.

Love the post and the photos.

Right NOW? Reading you. Pondering a snack and how bad it would be to sleep in a wool sweater. It's handspun. Does that make it better or worse? *L* Don't judge me.

Happy New Year, my friend!


My fingers are crossed that you don't get sick. Happy New Year to you!


I want to be a lazy slob too. Maybe we could do that together! :D
Hope you miss the awful coughing crud and that everyone else gets well very quickly.
Happy New Year!


So much of what you wrote could have been taken from my book. I am enthralled with my 2013 calendar book. It's so full of promise. I gave the Dovekeepers 4.5 stars. It was such an amazing story and I love that you're reading Mary Oliver's books. Every day I read one poem from one or the other of her books. She speaks of nature as my heart feels. We spend Sunday night with seed catalogs. Oh my are we excited for garden edition 2013. I am so excited for blogging with friends edition 2013, too!! Happy New Year, dear friend!!

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