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12 (Blog) Days of Christmas: On the First Day

Dark Days . . . Light Nights

It's so dark!

The sun doesn't rise until nearly 8:00 am this morning; it will set at 5:10 pm.  That's only 9 hours of daylight.   A long work day.  And that's all.

In my ongoing efforts to create light . . .


I'm letting twinkle lights. . .


and candle light. . .


and Christmas cheer . . .


bring light . . . to the darkness.


That makes all the difference in these dark and dreary days of December.



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It's so true and I love the lights best of all the Christmas decorations.


My living room and work place are covered in lights and candles. This time of year it's fun to see light everywhere. Festivities make the night light(er). What are we going to do in January?


I couldn't agree more. Our house also has a lot of lights and candles around. It's so peaceful when all of the "regular" lights are off. Happy Friday Kym!


Sing it, sister!!


twinkle lights are one of my favorite things about this season! and the willow tree angels. my prayer pal added the praying one to my collection yesterday and I love it! (which one do you have next to that red candle?) have a wonderful weekend!


Well done.


I think that's why I like Christmas lights so much...they help hold off the winter darkness for a month or so...

kathy b

I LOVE Your photos...

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