12 (Blog) Days of Christmas . . . On the Eleventh Day
Right Now. . . December

12 (Blog) Days of Christmas . . . on the Twelfth Day

On the Twelfth (blog) Day of Christmas . . . I give you The Aftermath.


I love the AFTER-Christmas days.  When you can put your feet up and relax a little.  Just sort of . . . re-group and re-cover.

That's what I'm doing now.  That . . . and taking care of my sick men. 

I'm taking a little blog-break for the rest of the week, but I'll be back on Monday to ring in the new year.  Enjoy your weekend.


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Your fire looks so cozy! May the men feel better soon!


Enjoy! I got hit with the cold over Christmas. Praying it misses Dan as he heads out for a week in CO on Saturday!

kathy b

ENJOY!!! its not quite put up the feet time YET~~ but soon here


I feel the exact same way! Enjoy yourself! Well, except for that playing nurse part.


What a heart-warming shot! Enjoy the next few days of relative peace... it's my plan too. I couldn't quite bring myself to leave the house today for the yarn sales, aided by the first real snowfall of 2012 last night. Happy Holidays and Peace, Happiness and Good Health to you and yours in 2013.


Oh no! I hope everyone feels better soon!!


Popping in to wish you all the best in the New Year- get well wishes to the men folk as well. Stay Cozy!


The days after Christmas are the best! :)
Hope the men are feeling better soon...
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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