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12 (Blog) Days of Christmas: On the Fourth Day

12 (Blog) Days of Christmas: On the Third Day

On the Third Day of Christmas . . . I bring you my Bird Tree.


A few years ago, I noted that I had a lot of bird ornaments on my Christmas tree.  I'd been slowly collecting them over the decades, and I really loved seeing them on the tree each year.

But then. . . I had a thought.  What if I created a special tree . . . just for my birds?


At first, I tried to use a bare branch from one of the trees in my yard.  I stuck the branch in a big pot and strung lights on it.  Not quite what I had in mind.  At all. 

Then, I was shopping at Target, and I found a rather cheezy-looking little pre-lit tree for $24.99 . . . and I thought - cheap as it looks - it just might work!  I brought it home, floofed (it's a word) the branches, and covered the ugly plastic base with some fabric and a bow.  And . . . Voilà!  Bird tree!*


Now, it's one of my favorite holiday decorations.  It brings light to my kitchen, and looks out over my garden . . . and the real birds visiting my feeders.

Some of the birds have special memories attached. . . like this new addition that I bought in Finland last summer.


Or this one . . . my very first bird ornament, purchased way back in our Colorado days when "real" ornaments were scarce on our Christmas tree.


Most, though are just whimsical reminders of Christmases past.


My bird tree . . . brings light and joy and happy memories to my Christmas celebrations.



* As a special surprise . . . when I opened the (surprisingly tiny) box holding my rather cheezy-looking, $24.99, pre-lit, decorative tree from Target, I was astonished to find it actually held a SET OF TWO, matching rather cheezy-looking, $12.50, pre-lit, decorative trees!  A matched set.  So. . . I also have a Star Tree.  (Maybe I'll show that one on another day.)


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Your bird tree is perfect and so YOU. Margene posted about nests today, must be a theme going on!


Love it! When I think about it I could have an angel tree...and maybe a Santa tree too...
I agree. Floof is a word! :D


What a perfect idea for your Christmas! Of course you had to have a bird tree. Each little bird is such a special little treasure. My favorite ornament on my mothers tree was a fragile glass bird (blue) with a long brush tail. I'm sure kid of a certain age had the same ornament to adore.


Oh I love this! What an excellent idea, you may have just inspired such a thing at our house ... :-)


Just wonderful. My Mom would have loved a bird tree!

Cheryl S.

Love your bird tree! In the days when I actually put up a Christmas tree, my ornaments were birds and a few assorted animals.


I love birds and I LOVE you bird tree!!!what a clever idea!!!

Lori On Little Traverse Bay

Love the bird tree!


Oh, how cute. I'd love to see your star tree. One year, when they were still little, each of the girls had tiny cheezy trees of their own to decorate for their room(s).

Michelle Martino

your bird tree is fantastic!!! I especially LOVE the red one! what a great idea :)


I love it! So perfect for you. And how wonderful that it turned out to be 2 trees!


LOVE it! and how nice that it sits in your kitchen with a view to the real birds. (you've reminded me I still need to post about mine, too!)

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