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12 (Blog) Days of Christmas: On the Sixth Day

On the Sixth (blog) Day of Christmas . . . I give you . . . my Christmas tree!


Yeah, it's listing a bit to the left.  But it's a real beauty of a tree!

Back in the early days of our together-Christmases, Tom and I always went to an in-town Christmas tree lot for our trees.  We were poor grad students back then, and usually went for the Charlie-Brown-style trees that we could afford on our student-budget.  When the kids were little, we used to pile them into the car and head for a local tree nursery, where the kids would squabble and go Christmas-crazy, and Tom and I would stress out as we tried to pick out the "perfect" tree.  Happy times - and fun memories.

But, then. . .  things changed.  Brian started to play travel hockey -- and our lives got a whole lot busier.  Especially on the weekends, and especially in December.  We had no time for squabbling over the "perfect" tree.  We had no time for trees . . . at all!

So we purchased an artificial tree.

An articial tree that saved our lives (from a time-in-December standpoint).

But, oh, how I hated that tree!

This year, I convinced Tom (with very little convincing necessary, actually) that it was time for the artificial tree to GO!  The two of us headed to Mott's Tree Farm earlier this month . . .


where we had a great time searching for the "perfect" tree. 


I'm happy to report . . . no squabbling!  And no stress!

Just a couple of empty-nesters having a fun time at the tree farm.


They even shake, wrap, and tie your tree to the roof of your car at Mott's.


It took us over a week to actually get the tree lit and decorated!  But it's just lovely.


After all these years . . . finally!  The "perfect" tree!

How about YOU?  What's your tree like this year?



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the tree is so pretty...and I hope it smells good, too. we get our tree at lowe's and have had really good luck with them for the past five years or so. isn't it nice to have time to do the things you enjoy this season?


Well we moved in the opposite direction last year. This is the second year with an artificial tree. I'm a bit vertically challenged and stringing light became a real chore. Since we do miss a real tree, we did find a mini real one this year that doesn't require climbing and stretching to decorate and now has my Santa ornaments on it! Love it!


Your tree is perfect! If I had a tree it would be a real tree, you can't beat the scent of true pine, and it would be full of lights! The two coming holidays are all about fun, joy and love! You two embody the spirit!


Your tree is beautiful and from what I can see in the pictures your house is beautifully decorated too!
We are still using the old artificial but this year it was almost too heavy to carry up the basement stairs...o.0 We may have to downsize...


We set up our tree last night and Dale says it's the best one we've ever had. I think he says that every year, though. I will say that it seems fresher than recent years and I'm hoping that means the poor thing won't dry out completely before Christmas morning. That woodstove in the living room is killer on a live Christmas tree. Dale won't hear of an artificial one, though, so live it is.


We've got a real tree and always have. We're the scary people who keep our tree up til mid January. I figure it's only up once a year. Your decorations and tree look lovely!


Beauttiful! I've had a few real trees in the past few years, but I do love my tall skinny artificial tree with it's super-strong branches. There are smaller branches that we can bend/hook as extra protection against precious ornaments falling off. The only time I hate it is when there's a lighting problem.

kathy b

I will say yours is BEAUTIFUL..I thought it was an image from a STORE that you posted.
Ours are 2 fake trees...
One little one that my daughter and I rescued from a garbage dump years ago and
one largish skinny tree with all white lights.
I LOVE trees


Perfectly lovely, even with the slight list! Congratulations on going back to a real tree; I don't think I've ever heard about anyone going back to real from artificial in the Christmas tree decision tree. I'm getting to the stage of life where I question whether our real tree is worth the work, shed needles, etc., but after pricing some $$$ artificial trees, real still works best for us.

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