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On the Fourth Day of Christmas. . . I bring you my stockings!


When I was growing up, I used to wish-oh-wish-oh-wish that we had a fireplace at our house . . . so we could hang our stockings on Christmas Eve.

But we didn't.

Now I have TWO fireplaces in my house -- and I still get a kick out of hanging stockings.

In our family, we have a fun stocking tradition that started when the kids grew out of the whole Santa thing:  We fill each other's stockings! 

The tradition works like this:  Our group of 10 family members (Tom and I, Brian, Erin and Keith, my parents, and my sister, her husband, and my niece) each buys and wraps ONE little stocking stuffer for each other member of the family.  Then, everyone delivers (or ships) their stocking stuffers to me (the Stocking Clearinghouse), and I repackage and send them back out to each family member.

Then, no matter where we celebrate, we all share the fun of opening family stocking stuffers. . . essentially, together!  For most of us, this is the best part of Christmas morning!  Sometimes the little gifts are practical; sometimes tasty; and sometimes (the "cane butler" comes to mind here) . . . just plain hilarious.

We have a lot of fun with our stocking stuffers in my family. 


How about YOU?  Are stockings part of your family holiday celebration?



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That is such a great idea and what a fun tradition! We still fill a stocking for Hannah but I admit that it's always a last minute thing for me.


My mother always had the fun and the practical combined in our stockings. The toe held an orange, the food was full of nuts and a little candy filled the heel. The rest of the stock (and they were large) held the fun.


And, I made stockings for Smith and I, but they're only "for pretty". Smith has NO idea how to fill a Christmas stocking. lol


We didn't have a fireplace either when I was a kid and I always wondered how in the world Santa would get inside. Would he come down the chimney anyway? Would he get stuck in the furnace? So many worries...
Anyway, yes we now have a fireplace and stockings but not as much fun as you have with yours!! Ours are just for looks. :D


What a wonderful idea! Doug and I have never done much with the stockings but Dan always has a pretty good one. I do love them hanging on the fireplace too!


I love your tradition! Such fun that would be. I much prefer to shop for numerous small gifts than to try to decide on one *special* gift for a person.

When my boys were little I knit them Christmas stockings from a pattern I found in a magazine. The pattern had a dancing, checked-vest-wearing intarsia bear on the stocking and the child's name knit into the top border. I made one stocking red with a green&white checked vest and the other green with a red&white vest. My only venture into intarsia to date, but they came out fine.

Except that I forgot to consider the size. The pattern called for worsted-weight yarn and the stockings were about three feet long! They grossed me out with their implied greediness. But we hung them every Christmas nevertheless (but never filled to the top!), along with the human-sized argyles I had knit for Smokey and I.


Lovely but so not what I thought it was going to be from that opening line. /sigh


We didn't have a fireplace until I was in 4th grade - and for the life of me, I can't remember how we thought Santa found our house! but I've had one ever since. Stockings are my favorite part of holiday gift giving - except for handmade items from me, everything else gets exchanged in our stockings. it's fun. and it keeps the Santa magic alive.


I *just* hung the stockings today! Usually, they're up for St. Nick -- and St. Nick remembered and had the goods this year, but ran out of gas. So, today it is.

St. Nicholas usually brings each of the girls an ornament to hang on the tree, and then add to their collection. They are old enough, and there are enough of them, that a small tree was decorated with nothing but their ornaments a few years ago. That was a real treat, as the girls each hang their own ornaments, and I sat back to watch, listen, and smile.

kathy b

YOu just reminded me. I have to pick up our Stockings form the Cleaners..
My mother in law carefully stitched them years ago... a few had some spots on them....The cleaners made no promises....but they are ready TOmorrow.
fingers crossed

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