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12 (Blog) Days of Christmas: On the First Day

On the First (blog) Day of Christmas. . . I give you my Advent calendar!


I've always loved Advent calendars during December.  When I was a little girl, my Mom used to tape one to the refrigerator, and my sister and I eagerly took turns opening the little windows each day.  (We had a System.  One of us had odd-numbered days, and one of us even.  There was a "benefit" either way:  If you were the odd-numbered sister, you got the coveted "first open". . . and if you were the even-numbered sister, you got the coveted "double-window open" on Christmas Eve.  It worked out.)

My sister sent me this Advent calendar earlier this fall.  It's such a wonderful reminder of our time together this past summer . . . when we were in St. Petersburg.


I couldn't wait to start opening the windows on December 1.   (And this year, I get to open ALL the windows - odd AND even!)


How about YOU?  Are Advent calendars part of your holiday traditions?



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That is an amazing Advent calendar! It's not something that's ever been a part of our tradition. I didn't have one growing up and I tried with Hannah when she was little but I would always forget and she'd wind up having to play "catch up" with 3 or 4 days at a time. Eventually I just gave up trying!


what a gorgeous calendar! yes, advent calendars have always been part of our tradition - the girls did the odd/even when they were home, and then sara and I did it...and now I get them all!


My mother made advents for us with candy and treats in little pockets. My advent calender the last two years has been a Jacquie Lawson creation on my desk top. I open one a day and get such a thrill from her animations.


What a work of art! Will you display it somewhere even after the holidays?
Never have done advent calendars. I don't think our 3 boys would have been as cooperative as you and your sister! ;)


Oh! That is GORGEOUS!! I'd love to know where she found that... something she picked up on the trip or later? Have fun opening ALL THE WINDOWS!


Beautiful calendar! Reminds me of my trip to the Russian Icon Museum in Clinton, MA (who knew!). We always did it growing up but only early on with Dan. They always seemed to involve chocolate!


That has to be the most beautiful Advent calendar I have ever seen! Advent calendars have long been part of my family's tradition. When my sons were young, we hung one on the refrigerator and #1 son opened the odd numbered windows and read the little Bible verse behind it and #2 son did the even numbered windows. We haven't had one for some years now; the boys are young men with families of their own, and my husband hasn't wanted to "play" along with me. However, he LOVES Russian Icons (we, too have been to the Icon Museum in Clinton), and if they had one like that in their gift shop, I am SURE he would participate!


So beautiful!

Lori On Little Traverse Bay

What a beautiful calendar! (I love Icon Art.) And what a lovely reminder of your trip together.

I did not grow up with Advent calendars, but after we visted Germany many years ago, we started using the Kinder Surprise Egg Advent calendars. Now you cannot get them in the U.S. (Long story.) We still use the Kinder Friends calendar, even College Son gets one. Also, many variations of LEGO Advent calendars, although Middle School Son was not motivated this year to start one... Of course, there's the story of College Son and his buddy in younger years eating the entire Advent calendar quietly in his room in about 3 minutes! I think they're a wonderful tradition!

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