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12 (Blog) Days of Christmas . . . on the Twelfth Day

12 (Blog) Days of Christmas . . . On the Eleventh Day

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas . . .  I give you food!


I think when it comes right down to it . . . my favorite thing about the holidays, really, is the food!

From cookie-baking to Christmas dinner, I love poring over cookbooks and food magazines, planning my menus, shopping for the just-right ingredients, and then doing the actual cooking and baking. 

We now have way too many cookies . . .


but the Christmas Eve Swedish Smörgåsbord. . .




was completely obliterared!

The glögg went pretty fast, too.


Christmas dinner was most excellent . . . 


finished with salted caramel cheesecakes (that most definitely did NOT look like their magazine photo counterpart. . . but tasted pretty darn heavenly).


So much YUM packed into just a couple of days!  (And now . . . I'm headed for the gym!!!)




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Your smorgasbord looked wonderful! I forgot pickled beets this year, can you believe it? And we have lots of cookies and Swedish meatballs leftover. I just went out and started the car so I can get myself to the gym, too.


It all looks so good! And, brings back memories of my friend, Bonnie's Swedish meatballs, homemade creamed herring, and potato salad, all family recipes and now of Christmas past. Your meal looks as lovely!!


That is one impressive spread Kym! We Irish are so boring! :-)


I really like your photography on this one. Makes me very hungry. What are those filled pastry cups in the last shot? I'm thinking I need me some swedish meatballs.

kathy b

I want that cheesecake!!!!!!

Tonight is our Christmas dinner....
ham ham ham

Sharon R

What is that in pic number 4? It looks hearty and delicious with two of my fave things: ham and potatoes. Recipe please?


Smokey's Danish granny used to do a Christmas Eve smorg and his mother, of Swedish descent, carried on the tradition. I have done it a few times -- such fun!

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