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12 (Blog) Days of Christmas: On the Eighth Day

On the Eighth Day of Christmas . . . I bring you . . . gift wrapping!


I don't know about you . . . but I consider wrapping gifts . . . my Most-Dreaded Holiday Chore!  I'm not exactly sure why this is so, but I just don't enjoy gift-wrapping.  Maybe it's the sheer volume of gift-wrapping that I must do.  Maybe it's the senselessness of the exercise.  Maybe it's the tape. 

I don't really know.

But I just kind of dread the gift-wrapping thing.


On the other hand, it feels really good when it's done.  And all the gifties look so pretty . . . all in a pile!

How about YOU?  Do you enjoy wrapping gifts?  (Or do you just stuff everything in gift bags and call it done?)


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I love everything about gift wrapping. The pretty paper, the shiny ribbons and bows. And I get to use tape. Lots and lots of tape! I love making the packages look different from each other. I just don't like how long it takes and how quickly it is all undone...


I can't say I enjoy it but I do want the gifts to look pretty so I put a fair amount of effort into it, coordinating all the paper so everything matches and stuff. I used to make all the bows but now I make some and use some stick on ones, too. My mom was a master wrapper and did all kinds of decorating on each package and I'm always trying to live up to that and failing. Then I remind myself that my mother did not work outside the home and I work full time. Hulllooooo.


In the past, when I bought lots of gifts, I had the stores where items were purchased do the gift wrapping. I understand wrapping is no longer an offered service. If I wrapped, I'd want them all coordinated and fun! Just like your packages!!


I do not enjoy the task but that's generally because it's "one more thing" that needs to be done! That said, since I've got some of it done early for a change the tree looks so much more festive!


I detest wrapping gifts, so probably the best Christmas-related thing I've done is make my own gift bags. I started about 15 years ago, buying fabrics after Christmas when they were cheap (sometimes $1/yd.!) and sewing bags of various shapes and sizes. They have attached ribbon ties, and I usually use old Christmas cards with a hole punched in the corner to slide onto the tie for gift tags. All I have to do to wrap is get out the giant bags o' bags, pop gifts in, and tie. I've made many, many bags over the years, so now we have enough to wrap all our family gifts, and I'll give plenty to my sons when they move out. After my kids and family photos, the Christmas bags might be the next thing I'd save in a fire!


Ah a woman after my own heart :) The one thing I dread most is gift wrapping. Once I get going I'm fine, but it seems such a chore. I also think my dread arises from when I was teaching. There was so much going on this time of year that the task of wrapping was always put off. Now that I'm retired the dread is still there, but the task evolves over several days!


I think there should be a law: If we spend a lot of time, efforts and resources the presents should be left wrapped for at least a month after the lucky person receives them! :)


I've always loved wrapping presents! It can get overwhelming, though. I used to save it all up for Christmas Eve and then -- after all the festivities and the kids went to bed -- I'd wrap (and sometimes bag) and tag, usually while a Christmas movie aired on TV. The best time ever, though, was when I listened to an old Steve Martin comedy album that I'd picked up at a rummage sale during the summer. It had nothing at all to do with Christmas, but I laughed my head off all by myself and had so much fun!!

kathy b

No I really dislike it too. I have kept up this year.....and I have just a few left to wrap..
I do love to unwrap though!


I, too, used to DREAD wrapping...but now the only gifts I give are handmade, and VERY few, so I wrap them in tissue or brown paper. very simple. very easy.


I spent two Christmas vacations, sr yr in hs, frshman yr from college, being the gift wrapper at the tiny department store in the small town where I went to hs. So I am fast and tidy at wrapping, although I tend to procrastinate on the task. Today I finish vacuuming and dusting in the area where the tree is established, next... the wrapping!

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