Inviting the Light
Sundays . . . Are For Poetry


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I'm not doing it this year. Really, I'm not. Don't tempt me!


I dont think I am either...but wasnt quite ready to close the door. (Maybe tomorrow.). Ive never done it... Probably should just stick to that formula.
Well see how I feel tomorrow...

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Cheryl S.

Those flowers look so pretty with that dusting of frost.


Your flowers got frosted! ;) We got 8" of snow yesterday & last night. And more to come tomorrow. It'll melt but it's making a mess right now. It's picturesque but so not welcome...


we haven't had frost yet...and I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad about that. seeing as it is nearly 11pm, I guess I've made my decision. no daily blog posts this month! (good luck if you decide to do it!!)





It would be wonderful to have a full month of your thoughts (or just pictures), but it's a commitment. At least you have portable devices that make it easier to post.
The nights are so cold here, but the days are clear blue.

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