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The Icing on Top

We have a long-standing tradition in our family . . . of creating gingerbread houses for the holidays. 


On Thanksgiving Day, in the evening after the feast had been cleared away, Erin and my Mom and I gathered around my dining room table to create this year's masterpieces!

Some of us get coaching and assistance . . .


Some of us get moral support . . .


(I think my Dad was a bit worried about my Mom and her gingerbread house.  If you read my blog last year, you might remember that my Mom took a tumble off my counter stool at a gingerbread decorating party I held for some of my friends.  She ended up with a broken ankle, surgery, and a not-very-pleasant holiday season.  My Dad did NOT want a repeat performance.  He may even have suggested tying her into her chair.  Just sayin'.)

And some of us just get glasses of wine . . .


This year, it seemed to take extra-long for the houses to "settle" and hold up well enough for the true decorating to begin.  I will admit that, for a while, I considered a "Blitzkrieg" theme for my house. . . just bombed out walls and no roof at all.

In the end, though, I went with a chocolate theme.


Mmmmm.  Chocolate goodness from rooftop to foundation!


My Mom was inspired by peppermint.


And despite several wall/roof collapses, she remained safe, seated, and unscathed!


Erin went with color-coordination. . .


coconut. . .


and inspired, artful flourishes!  (Thanks, Keith!)


We had a great time kicking off the holiday decorating season.  (And . . . so much more fun without a call to 9-1-1!)


Thanks for your warm healing wishes for Jenny yesterday.  The surgery went very well, the vet was able to repair the ruptured ligament, and we will welcome Jenny back home later today.


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I love all 3 houses - they are each different but wonderful! And I'm so glad no one was injured this time. Hooray!


Blitzkrieg! I would be forced to go with that theme! The houses are so charming and creating them together, yet independently, must be a blast. It's a great way to start the season of Holiday cheer! Glad to hear your family made it through in one piece and that Jenny is doing well. You're work will begin when she starts to feel a little better.


Ooo, my grandkids would have a very hard time leaving those alone...they love candy!
Thank goodness your mom didn't do a repeat of last year. :) You can almost see by the look on your dad's face what he's thinking..."you're not going to do what you did last year are you?"!


What a wonderful tradition, and so fun to see them all so different... and yet, the same. Gingerbread houses!

I'd have to say that your theme is the one that speaks to me most. ;)


What fun! I have a feeling my husband would pick all the candy off the house and then tell me a mouse did it.

Hope all goes well with Jenny's return home today!


I haven't had dinner yet. Those Oreos look mighty tempting!


I feel a sugar high just looking at those pictures! hope Jenny's homecoming goes smoothly (and that the squirrels can read the no trespassing sign I'm sure you've posted :-)


If she doesn't behave, put her in a desk chair next year and lock the wheels. ;^)

Do you pin the houses together? Or is that cheating? They are lovely and worth the time served, I'm sure.


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