Saturday Soundtrack

Sundays . . . Are For Poetry

You say that in times like these
You're driven down to your knees
Looking around grieving what peace there was
You promised yourself you would
Work for a world of good
Look at you now wondering what good it does

No lost hope no violent point of view
Can erase all of the good you do

There's nothing as dark as night
But nothing so strong as light
Here is the choice: to let it burn out or bright
In a world where the fear and force
Have buried the silent source
Can you deny the need for a light like yours

No fast pace no jaded attitude
Can erase all of the good you do

If someone has left his wrath
On everything in his path
Taking the wealth and leaving his trash behind
Will you be peace or pride
Can you at last decide
There's no one to fight we are the same inside

So go home and get some rest
There's many more miles and tests
All about love what if it comes to be all that we have left

No dark place no debt and no abuse
Can erase all of the good you do

-- Christine Kane, from "The Good You Do"
on her CD Right Outta Nowhere


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We cannot forget the act of giving, the act of kindness towards others, is an act of grace. One grace leads to another.
Thank you, Kym.


Giving gives to both giver and recipient.

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