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This week, Carole has us revealing Ten Things On Our Minds Right Now.  So, here we go!  Enter my mind . . . stream of consciousness style!

Jenny and I like to share Honeycrisp apples! She takes tiny, little bites right off the core!

  1. I really need to vacuum up the shredding-detritus under my desk.
  2. And I really need to Just Finish with my office reorganization.  (So close!)
  3. I hope Jenny's X-ray procedure goes well today. . . it'll be good to get a solid diagnosis and a treatment plan for her.
  4. But, man!  She is driving me crazy for her breakfast (which, of course, she can't have).
  5. I need to make arrangements to have my iMac's hard drive replaced (it's been "recalled"), but I need to find my download information for a few programs first.  (WHERE did I put them?)
  6. Work Situation A . . . and possible Work Solution B.  (But not my call to make.)
  7. The election today.  I sure hope it goes smoothly.  While I appreciate the right to vote, I'm sick, Sick, SICK of the Election Hype Machine.  (Make. It. Stop.)
  8. Brown boots.  Tall.  Casual.  For jeans or skirts.  I need some.
  9. I wish I could just curl up all day with Garden of the Evening Mists, which is shaping up to be one of the most beautiful books I've read in a long time. 
  10. And, of course . . . a song.  Today. . .


How about YOU?  What's on YOUR mind today?


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thoughts with you and Jenny today. and thanks for (yet another!) a great book recommendation. I'm hoping for time to knit today!


Good luck to Jenny today, I hope it goes well. And good BYE to political commercials and hype! I'd like some boots this year but my legs aren't quite there yet. Soon, I hope.

Elizabeth M.

I want to thank you for the recommendation for The Garden of Evening Mists. A wonderful read and a great distraction from the election hype! Sending good thoughts for Jenny.


Hope all goes well for Jenny.
I'm thinking of boots too but it's snow boots that I need. It looks like our 8" of snow that came won't be leaving anytime soon with more coming for the weekend. It's gonna be a LONG winter...


I've picked up GoEM several times to read a page here and there. The story, the language, touched my heart. Today I put Barbara Kingsolver's newest on my iPod. Excited! No more politics! Good luck with your many projects!


Poor Jenny. I'll be sending good thoughts her way today. I love how you share apples!


Wishing the best for Jenny today too! Good thing I could eat before x-rays:-) Looking forward to seeing the boot decision!


12. Boots! I haven't had boots in AGES, mostly because the edema has been so bad the past few years. But now...!! ;)

Hoping the best for Jenny.


I hope all went well with Jenny.

What I have been thinking about (other than the elections--thank God they are almost over) are the packages arriving at our house. Saturday is my birthday, and yesterday a very squishy-like yarn-package was in the mail box. Michael took it away. I feel a bit like Jenny not getting breakfast.

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