The Icing on Top
'Tis the Season

Right Now. . . November

Here's what's going on in my life  . . . RIGHT NOW.


Watching . . . I just watched Ken Burns' The Dust Bowl on PBS.  As usual with a Ken Burns documentary, it was excellent and interesting.  But, I must say . . . what a downer!

Reading . . . Astray by Emma Donaghue.  (Love me some well-written short stories!).  I'm also just about to delve into The Stockholm Octavo by Karen Engelmann, and I just finished Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver (strangely disappointing, yet a solid 3 stars).

Knitting . . . I have set aside my Tinder cardigan temporarily (despite the fact that I only have the right front yet to knit) in order to finish up a few holiday gifts.

Listening to . . . A very eclectic playlist mix on my iPod . . . a little of everything from the BeeGees to the Grateful Dead, from Bruce Springsteen to Gladys Knight, from Hall & Oates to Smashing Pumpkins.  Yep.  Eclectic.  (It's a bit early for me to turn to Christmas music, but soon.)

Thinking about . . . Enough stuff that my head may explode.  (There's a lot going on in there right now.

Dreading . . . Taking Jenny out to pee . . . every time . . . on a leash.  For four months.  Also . . . keeping her from jumping up into "her" favorite chair.  (Probably shorter than four months on that one.  But . . . Long Enough.)

Humming . . . Roundabout.  (Part of my Eclectic Mix.  This one stuck.)


Planning . . . Christmas.  Natch.

Excited about . . . Brian's Most Excellent exam grade on his P-chem exam this week.  (It's the little celebrations that count, y'know?)


Drinking . . . A very nice cab. (With a great label, non?)

Itching to . . . Decorate for Christmas.

Needing to . . . Get shopping!

Organizing . . . Nothin'!  That's right.  You heard me.  Nothin'!  Because I actually completed ALL of my planned organization projects this fall!  4 closets, 2 kids bedrooms, 1 guest room, my home office [including file cabinets], the family room, and my sewing/knitting room.  Let the wild rumpus start!

Inspired by . . .The calendar.  (Probably "inspired" isn't the right word.  It's more  like . . . "panicked into inspiration by"!)

Delighted by. . . Ummm.  I hate to admit this in such a public way. . . but the Angry Birds STAR WARS edition.  (Somebody stop me. . . )

How about YOU?  What's going on for YOU . . . right now?


Also.  With this post, I successfully completed NaBloPoMo.  Quietly and without fanfare.