A Different Kind of Gardening
Looking on the Bright Side

Letting It In

Ring the bells that still can ring.
Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything.
That's how the light gets in.

--Leonard Cohen

In my ongoing push to Create Light during this dark winter season, I'm doing something a little different.


Usually, in the winter months, I snug everything up . . . cozy and isolated.


But this year, I'm keeping things open.


I'm looking for cracks.


I'm letting the light get in.


Invite light!


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Hmmm. That's an interesting concept and I may be unknowingly following your lead. Usually I put up heavy velvet drapes in the living room for the fall/winter but since we redid the room the old drapes don't match anymore. I haven't bought new ones yet so maybe I'll just go with the sheers and valances I have up there now. It definitely lets in my light. It also lets in my cold, though.


If there are too many cloudy days in a row I get in a funk...gotta let the light in and keep the spirits up!


Your windows are perfect for showing the light. During the daylight hours I open the blinds, but at night I'm putting up extra lights and lighting candles to create light inside.


We are inclined to keep things as open as possible in the winter. I need the light. Like an old dog...curled up in the sunny corner. :-)


The other day I ordered sheers and valances for my dining room windows with the same idea of wanting more light.


I am certain that my drafty 125-year-old house would be warmer if I "snugged" everything up, but I just never have. Lace curtains & valances are on the living room windows year-round, the kitchen windows remain bare but for the relatively recent addition of a short valance. I'd rather put on another sweater than close off the light. Even though the morning sun streaming through my kitchen windows shows EVERY.SINGLE.DUST.PARTICLE (and then some), there is just nothing like it on a winter morning!



Such nice windows to let the light in. My mom in WI always hangs faceted crystal balls in her windows in the winter to sparkle and throw prisms around the room. Drives the cat crazy.


I love it!

I was thinking about you and this concept earlier when I realized that I've got something similar going on in the kitchen window. Okay, it may be more like rooting plants and clutter, but it's a start. ;^)

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