Stream of Consciousness
Saying It Out Loud

Good News, All Around

First, there was good Jenny news.


Very Expensive X-rays (a number of them; the Mother Lode of X-rays) revealed good news:  no hip dysplasia; no torn ligament; no arthritis; joints and bones all in good shape.

So, why is she limping?

Our vet thinks . . . deep tissue injury.  Basically, a deep and painful muscle injury - that is continually aggravated by overuse.  Jenny is on a  3-week rest regimen.  No jumping.  No squirrel-chasing.  No running in wild circles through the yard.  No rough-housing with Tom.  No jumping from the retaining wall.  She can still go on walks with me, but leisurely walks.  On flat ground.  (This is going to be a challenge for Jenny.  Too bad she doesn't knit. . .)

But, best of all, she should heal and be fit and fine again.  And . . . next spring . . . she'll be flying off the end of the dock once more!

Also.  She has Movie Star Teeth!  (We had them do a teeth-cleaning while she was under anesthesia for the X-rays anyway.)

Then. . . there was this . . .


Contented sigh.

I even think I found some boots.

Good news everywhere.