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Good News, All Around

First, there was good Jenny news.


Very Expensive X-rays (a number of them; the Mother Lode of X-rays) revealed good news:  no hip dysplasia; no torn ligament; no arthritis; joints and bones all in good shape.

So, why is she limping?

Our vet thinks . . . deep tissue injury.  Basically, a deep and painful muscle injury - that is continually aggravated by overuse.  Jenny is on a  3-week rest regimen.  No jumping.  No squirrel-chasing.  No running in wild circles through the yard.  No rough-housing with Tom.  No jumping from the retaining wall.  She can still go on walks with me, but leisurely walks.  On flat ground.  (This is going to be a challenge for Jenny.  Too bad she doesn't knit. . .)

But, best of all, she should heal and be fit and fine again.  And . . . next spring . . . she'll be flying off the end of the dock once more!

Also.  She has Movie Star Teeth!  (We had them do a teeth-cleaning while she was under anesthesia for the X-rays anyway.)

Then. . . there was this . . .


Contented sigh.

I even think I found some boots.

Good news everywhere.


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You think it's going to be tough for Jennie to rest for 3 weeks, but I think it will be harder on you. Who's going to keep her down on the farm? YOU!
Two big races in Utah went our way. You have no idea how palpable my relief is today.


Great news all around! And I imagine keeping Jenny down will be difficult. I've seen those boots in person...nice.


Yay for all the good news!
Rest, Jenny, rest! And since you can't knit, maybe read a book. ;) ha ha...
The boots look great.


I'm so glad about the news for Jenny. It's tough to put a dog on light duty, though, so good luck with that. As for the rest of it: YES. I can finally stop holding my breath.


Has Jenny been tested for Lyme disease? Our vet said that limping is the first symptom. (Lucy The Intrepid had both Lyme and heartworm in her younger days, in spite of vaccinations and preventive meds.)


Such good news about Jenny. Maybe you could teach her to hold her paws apart for some manual yarn winding? (Oh dear. Thought not.) And I love those boots.


Yay! What a relief to know my Jenny is doing well. Good luck with keeping her under control for the next few weeks. If she had thumbs, I'd send her some coloring books.

Wasn't it a great night? :D

Good boots are fabulous.


good news all around indeed! very happy for jenny...good luck keeping her rested!

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