A Special Treat
A Bit of a . . . P-UPdate

Cold Hands . . . Warm Heart


Oh, baby. . . it's cold outside!  Time for some mittens!

While I'm not  much of a sock knitter, I must admit to being totally charmed by knitting mittens.  I love having baskets of handknit mittens to choose from on a chilly morning, and I especially love knitting them up for people I love.

In fact, I just finished the first mitten of a pair (a holiday gift, but safe to show here as the recipient does not read my blog).

And Erin picked out this yarn for a pair of fingerless mittens while she was visiting last week.

Something simple, probably Ragtop

This week, Carole has me treading dangerous waters . . . as we talk about Ten Mittens We Want to Knit.  After I finish the second Foliage Mitt and whip up a pair of Ragtops for Erin, here are my ten:


  1. Reykjavik -- Tom got this kit for me last Christmas.  I think it's time to cast on!
  2. Jacoby -- Free!  Manly!  (I know a couple of guys who are getting a pair of these mitts for Christmas.)
  3. Ardour -- I am a total sucker for charming little hearts.
  4. Gloaming -- These mittens look warm and cozy right through the computer screen.
  5. Fractured Light -- So pretty.  And free on Knitty.
  6. Perianth -- I am also a total sucker for flowers.
  7. Brickletown Mitts -- And cables.   (Hurry!  This pattern is on sale through Friday!)
  8. Die Gänsemagd - Handstulpen -- Adorable!  And free.
  9. Sprial Staircase Mitts -- So clever!
  10. Dala Selbu Hyrid -- What happens when you cross Norwegian style . . . with Swedish design!

How about YOU?  What mittens would you like to knit?


Join the fun!  Sign up for Ten on Tuesday here.