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Slow Knitting Ahead!

Yep, knitting is slow around here. 

There's just a lot of LIFE going on these days.  Plus . . . my ongoing Organizational Overhaul campaign continues to eat into my knitting and reading time.

Here's a quick rundown of what's on the needles (and trust me . . . it's all been "on the needles" for quite some time, and will likely stay there for weeks to come!):

First, my slog of a cardigan!


It's coming along.  S-l-o-w-l-y.  That's the back and two sleeves there in the photo.

Nice texture.  I think I'll really like it.  (Someday.)


When I knit these days, I tend to work on this one.  The pattern is really a pleasure -- easily memorized, not overly complicated, great for conversation or audiobooks.  And, of course, a glass of wine.

And see?


I've got a good start on one of the fronts.  It's only a matter of time . . . (although it may be a long time) . . . and this one will be finished.

Next, there's this one . . .


my temptress of a project!

This is the one I always WANT to be working on . . . I love it so!  But, alas.  The charming little leaves need concentration.  And I don't have much of that left in me by the end of the evening.  By the time I finally sit down to knit.


Someday, though, I'll have some time to spend on this charmer.

And, finally, I have these. . .


(I shouldn't really refer to them as "these" at this point, since there's only just this one.)

Adorable little socks full of squishy, stripey-goodness!  I love these socks.  I really do.  I hope the neglect is temporary.

So . . . the knitting is slow. 

For now.


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It is so hard to have three knitting loves, as one is always on the outside crying for attention. Ditto on the s.l.o.w knitting. My knitting time was nearly nonexistent as I couldn't get through ONE leaf without error. sigh At least you have the sweater. (I need one.)


Ebb and flow. Next thing you know, you'll have one FO after another coming off the needles!


It doesn't look slow to me, actually. We're at about the same point on Leftie, I might be just a smidge ahead of you.


What lovely projects! A cozy sweater, an intruiging shawl and happy socks. Hope you can find time to knit on them. :)

Cheryl S.

It's good to have a variety of projects to be working on. And it's OK if they go slow right now. It's the ebb and flow of life.


I was wondering about that Tinder! It's looking great. And the slow...I get that. I am aiming for a FO by the end of the week. Your other projects - beautiful colors!


Um, it's not a race.


Slow but really really pretty!

How do you like working with the Shelter yarn? I love this cardigan and your choice of color.

Your Leftie is going to be a beauty!
I use my counting mantra and get through the leaf without too much problems.


Life is always more important than the knitting. That's a good thing... and you know it.

The projects are lovely. Loving that sock. I think referring to it in the plural is a sign of faith that one day it will be half of a pair. ;^)


I love these WIP posts. It's not all "Look what I made!" all the time, you know -- there are weeks (and months (and years)) in between. Keep on truckin'!


They are all great projects, and nothing will unknit itself while you sleep. Fab colors on the socks!

I really like the Tinder cardigan pattern, and I hadn't seen it before. I am all for a little texture and stand up collars to keep my bare neck warm. I may have to adjust my queue.


ha! this could be my post for thursday.... all I can say is I have over a thousand yards to knit by christmas. something better happen soon to speed it up!!

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