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A Bit of a . . . P-UPdate

I've been remiss here on the blog.  I have not kept you all up to date on the state of Jenny's limping situation.  Despite our successfully keeping her quiet and . . . inactive. . . her limping has actually worsened in the three week period of healing.


Begging at the Thanksgiving table!

A return visit to the vet yesterday revealed . . . a ruptured cruciate ligament in her knee.  With possible bonus miniscus damage!  (Not severe enough 3 weeks ago to catch on X-ray day; now. . . painfully obvious.)

Jenny is in surgery this morning.  Her prognosis is good, although recovery is long.  After a 2-week post-surgical recovery, she will have physical therapy AND a 4-month leash restriction. . . with 4 additional months of recovery restrictions I can't quite think about yet.  All I can say is . . . thank goodness winter is coming!  I can't fathom going through these severe restrictions in the warm months, full of light.

So.  Please send cheery, healing, dog-thoughts Jenny's way!