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A Bit of a . . . P-UPdate

I've been remiss here on the blog.  I have not kept you all up to date on the state of Jenny's limping situation.  Despite our successfully keeping her quiet and . . . inactive. . . her limping has actually worsened in the three week period of healing.


Begging at the Thanksgiving table!

A return visit to the vet yesterday revealed . . . a ruptured cruciate ligament in her knee.  With possible bonus miniscus damage!  (Not severe enough 3 weeks ago to catch on X-ray day; now. . . painfully obvious.)

Jenny is in surgery this morning.  Her prognosis is good, although recovery is long.  After a 2-week post-surgical recovery, she will have physical therapy AND a 4-month leash restriction. . . with 4 additional months of recovery restrictions I can't quite think about yet.  All I can say is . . . thank goodness winter is coming!  I can't fathom going through these severe restrictions in the warm months, full of light.

So.  Please send cheery, healing, dog-thoughts Jenny's way!


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Oh Kym. You're going to have your hands full (as if you didn't already). Sending healing thoughts for Jenny and calming thoughts to you!


I hope that both of you come through this without any problems.

Everyone at our house (furry and otherwise) will send happy and healing thoughts Jenny's way. Please give her a kiss from me.


Oh poor Jenny...I hope everything in surgery goes well. It is good that it is winter to keep her restricted. But no bounding through the snow either I bet...


Oh Kym, I'm so sorry for you and Jenny. Hopefully July will find her jumping off the dock once again.


Aw. Good thoughts for Jenny... and for you!


Poor Jenny! And poor you for having to get her through this recovery period. Dixie had a similar injury and by the time we caught it there wasn't much that could be done. She's too old for surgery of that nature and now she takes anti-inflammatory medicine every day and still walks with a limp most of the time. Dale really misses bird hunting with her.


Poor baby!! Sending healing thoughts Jenny's way and good luck for you!!


poor Jenny - Holly and I send our best feel better/chase squirrels wishes!!! (and best wishes for you, too, without the squirrels!)


Oh no. My poor doggie! I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope everyone is at home, comfy, relaxed and behaving.


I am boggled trying to imagine exactly what constitutes physical therapy for a dog. Poor Jenny, poor you. My menagerie all send their very best healing thoughts (to the extent that they think, which is really not very much, especially in the case of En Esch The Stoopid.)

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