A Sort Of Metaphor
Be a Lamp

On the Way

A gardening tale.


Once upon a time, back in 2005, a Gardener planted a garden.


And it looked pretty darn good.

June 2007 030

But Gardeners have a tendency to tweak.

And plants have a tendency to grow.

And, over the years, the garden started to look a bit . . .





Plants were too crowded and no longer getting proper circulation.  Pests were a problem (thrips, in particular).  The garden path was completely obscured by plants and mulch -- and far too narrow to navigate comfortably. 

This garden was just plain tired. . . and in particular need of rejuvenation.

(Besides. . . the Gardener had an entirely New Vision.  It happens.)

So the Gardener and her Intrepid Digger spent much of the summer digging up and moving (and, in some instances, composting) many of the sad, sorry, overgrown plants.


It was not a pleasant task.  It was certainly Not a Pretty Place this garden season.

But, over the months, the garden space became more clear.


Daylilies and daisies and small, unidentified shrubs found new homes.  Peonies and roses succumbed to thrips and were, sadly, removed.  The survivors were pruned and trimmed and divided.


Newcomers joined the Improved Garden Space.


A new path.  A fresh layer of compost.  New plants. 

So much better.


The rejuvenation is taking shape!

Still a work in progress.  Not Happy-Ever-After quite yet. 

But the Gardener is definitely on the way!


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Looking good and love the rocks. Now I won't feel so bad when you see the way overgrown area in our garden! :-)


Looks great, Kym!
Nice job in this years heat!
I like your sitting Buddha, and THANK YOU for not using a "Buddha head".
As a Buddhist, I'm horrified every time I see it in the garden.


You garden has the feel of a refuge from the hectic pace of life. It's beautiful and will be enhanced by time.


Looks great! Love the rocks around the pool, and the Buddha looks so content and serene.


It looks fabulous! Congratulations on the rejuvenation!

Diana Troldahl

What wonderful potential for beauty! (Not that it's not beautiful now) I look forward to next year's photos!


Gardens are NEVER happily ever after. They grow, some bits die, other bits spread, but mostly The Gardener Has A New Idea. It's all so much fun (except for the digging).


Even the best garden eventually needs a face lift. And while it is going on it looks like it has a couple black eyes too. ;) But it'll be better than ever after you are done.
I bet Jenny was more than happy to help!


A garden is never really finished, right? Always a work in progress, always being assessed and evaluated, always improving. Have fun with the process!


Now I understand. ;^)

A garden is a living thing that needs endless tending. Occasionally, that's even part of the fun as I recall.

I trust my beloved Jenny was helping you along the way.


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