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Today, let's enjoy some vintage Billy Joel. . .


When I was a little girl, I loved pocketbooks.


I had a little white, vinyl pocketbook . . . and a little black, patent leather pocketbook.  I could only use them for special occasions.  Like going to church.  Or maybe for family events at my Grandparents' house.  I loved them. 

I have very fond memories of my little pocketbooks.

Which is why, when I saw this bag, I just had to make it!



Stupidly expensive.

Futzy beyond imagining.

But.  It's an adult version of my little, patent leather pocketbook.


And have it, I must.

Like all Noni bags, the knitting is easy; the construction a challenge.  The devil is always in the details with a Noni bag!  And the hardware (and face it, it's all about the hardware) is ridiculously expensive.


But still.  I love it.


I'm a total sucker when it comes to nostalgia.


(I still have that teddy bear, too.  His name is Billy.  He is threadbare beyond belief.  And, these days, he watches over my sewing machine.)

Ravelry details here.


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It would be just another bag without the beautiful detail of the hardware. You've made this darling little bag something special with your careful finishing. Nice, very elegant and fun!


Love the hardware on the bottom! You'll sport it in high style no doubt!


Darling. Adorable. So sweet. And nostalgic besides! Love it. :D


When a project yells at you that you must make it then there's no point in fighting it. Your bag is adorable, practicality and expense be damned.


It was a MUST! I'm so glad you did it.

Has it been taken out for a meal yet? :D



Well done! That does look like a lot of careful finishing work. Love the red lining. Speaking of red, I had red patent leather mary janes, similar to the shoes in your photo above, and I wanted to wear them every day. Mom was mean and wouldn't let me.


I had the same white/black purse (my mom tells me I carried a change of underwear - glad I was practical then... now??!!) in any event. I LOVE that noni bag. I knit her coat last year and just about swore off her patterns, but really, that bag, you're right. it's childhood made good again.

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