The Pull of September
Buggin' Me!

It's Time for the Fat Lady to Sing

I have many knitting ideas . . . inside my head. . . waiting to becoming reality.

Only one thing (well, technically it would be four. . . )  is holding me back:  unfinished projects!

Yes, my friends.  It's time for the fat lady to sing!


So, before I can begin any new projects, I need to wrap up these bad boyz. . .

Yeah.  There's this mess.


(Bet you're jealous now!) 

And this adorable little nearly-finished bag. . .


that's been hanging around since it fell out of favor during my March Madness rampage. (Stalled out due to running out of yarn.  If you look closely, you can see where.)  Blocking.  Lining.  Futzy braided handle.

And this waiting-to-felt bag . . .


that I got roped into making kindly volunteered to make as a shop sample for my local yarn shop (where I work on Wednesdays).  The knitting was quick; the finishing?  Not so much.  Felting.  Hardware.  Lining.

And my only current project on the needles . . .


is a lovely lace scarf.  The pattern is un-memorizable (for me, at least), so this is rather slow-going.  (But lovely.)

So.  Onward then.  To finishing!  So the fat lady can sing.  And I can knit something new!  (September = Fresh Start, even when it comes to knitting.)