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It's Coming. . .

We headed Up North this weekend.


The weather is cooler.  The nights are getting longer.  Leaves are starting to turn color and fall.


It's coming.


The change in season.

Time to take out the docks, and settle the boat for the winter.

Brian came up to help us.  (It's actually a closer drive for him, from campus, than for us, from home.)


(Jenny was thilled to see him!)

And . . . just. . .


like. . .


that. . .


the docks were out.  And the boat was up in the driveway.


Until next spring.*

Jenny was a bit befuddled about the lack of a dock.


But she discovered . . . that you don't need a dock. . .


to jump in and retrieve a floatation cushion!


And we were reminded. . .


that cool temperatures and an early sunset make for a perfect evening around the campfire.


Change is in the air. 

It's coming.


* We'll keep heading up to the cottage. . . until we close it down completely in early November.




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We feel the change here, as more and more color patchworks across the mountainside and the evenings cool to a chill.


It is, indeed, coming. We see it here in Massachusetts more and more every day! Still warm, but definitely not summer.
That looks like it was one fine weekend, though.
Keep on enjoying!


I was thinking the same thing on my drive around the state Saturday. There's something okay about it all though!


Yup, it's arriving...high temps in the 50s and 60s this week. Time to find the long slacks, knit socks and sweaters again! :)


The weather is definitely changing and it's too bad the boating for the season is done. There are great things about fall, though, and the key is to enjoy whatever is happening at the moment. I know you've got that covered!


Such familiar scenes, even though I have never been to your cottage. Docks and boats are being retrieved here, too. Ours never made it into the lake this year, given all the medical hysteria. Next year...

Diana Troldahl

It's been blessedly cool this week. On Thursday, Oscar heads for Vermont. I told him I want lots of photos!


Jenny! :D

I'm so glad you all are able to use the cabin as long as possible. The seasons are changing? Not here... yet.


We noticed itt this weekend in new England at our place on Lake Winnipesaukee. Change is in the air! Enjoy....


ahhh, indeed it is. our temperatures are finally cooling off, too (and I switched my daily drinker from white wine to red!)

Cheryl S.

Beautiful! We saw lots of trees starting to change in the Michigan UP, as well as in Park City. It should be gorgeous at Alta this weekend.

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