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September 2012

Getting Real

Way, way back. . . many years ago. . . in the Dark Ages (before Ravelry). . . I used to read the knit blogs.

I never commented. 

I did not communicate.

I just lurked.

I enjoyed the Online Knitting Community. . . from afar.

Some of my early favorite blogs?  Why. . . Zeneedle and Carole Knits, of course!

Once I started my own blog (3-1/2 years ago now) and started to actually communicate with my fellow knitters, I joined the Online Knitting Community in a more active way.

And today?


I'm off on a grand adventure . . . where I will actually meet my virtual pals in Real Life.

Oh, man.  I hope they like me!


Right Now. . . September

Here's what's going on in my life  . . . RIGHT NOW.


Watching . . . the leaves just beginning to turn.

Reading . . . Painter of Silence by Georgina Harding (still working through the Orange Prize longlist nominees; this one actually made the shortlist) and a rather meaty biography of Catherine the Great (inspired by my trip to St. Petersburg).

Knitting . . . Now that I've cleared the decks of my fiddly-stuff, I've cast on for this cardigan.  I also discovered some charming (and rather addicting) sock yarn.  There may also be a cowl whispering in my ear.

Humming . . . I'm so sorry to report this, but I'm humming Olivia Newton John tunes.  All of them.  (And it is completely Tom's fault.)

Thinking about . . . two Great Adventures!  First, I'm off to Salt Lake City to visit Margene (and Carole will be there, too!) and the Alta Lodge Knitter's Retreat.  Then, in a couple of weeks, I'm making a pilgrimage to Rhinebeck with Patty


Listening to . . . NOT Olivia Newton John.  Lately my iPod has been tuned to the Stone Temple Pilots.  (A far cry from "I Honestly Love You". . . let me tell you!)

Dreading . . . a BIG deadline coming up after I return from Utah. . . and before I go to Rhinebeck.  It'll be fun, let me tell you.

Planning . . . my final approach on the garden for the season.  Also, holiday plans are beginning to enter the consciousness.

Excited about . . . meeting Margene and Carole and Cheryl and Patty . . . IN REAL LIFE.

Drinking . . . Water.  Lots of water!  (I need to hydrate to prepare for high altitude.)


Itching to . . . paint!  STILL.  After all these months.  I do have progress to report, though.  The ceiling is finished. 

Needing to . . . finish my packing and manage some loose ends.

Organizing . . . nothing at the moment.

Inspired by . . . adventure!

Delighted by. . . cool days and cooler nights; birds at my feeders; mums and pumpkins.

How about YOU?  What's going on for YOU . . . right now?

Wade On In

A little Eva Cassidy for your day. . .


Although I complain about it while I'm doing it, I love to knit lace.  It's so magical!

You start with a pile of knitting. . .


You give it a good, long soak. . .

And, then . . .




You've got lace!

And, ahhhhhhh.  The water's just fine.

(Ravelry details here.)


(And, if you're counting, that's #4.  I did it!  I wrapped up all 4 knitting projects in September.  Now I can start something new!)

Laugh With the Sinners

Today, let's enjoy some vintage Billy Joel. . .


When I was a little girl, I loved pocketbooks.


I had a little white, vinyl pocketbook . . . and a little black, patent leather pocketbook.  I could only use them for special occasions.  Like going to church.  Or maybe for family events at my Grandparents' house.  I loved them. 

I have very fond memories of my little pocketbooks.

Which is why, when I saw this bag, I just had to make it!



Stupidly expensive.

Futzy beyond imagining.

But.  It's an adult version of my little, patent leather pocketbook.


And have it, I must.

Like all Noni bags, the knitting is easy; the construction a challenge.  The devil is always in the details with a Noni bag!  And the hardware (and face it, it's all about the hardware) is ridiculously expensive.


But still.  I love it.


I'm a total sucker when it comes to nostalgia.


(I still have that teddy bear, too.  His name is Billy.  He is threadbare beyond belief.  And, these days, he watches over my sewing machine.)

Ravelry details here.

Friday Fun

So.  The other day I was running a few errands downtown in Kalamazoo. . . and I stumbled onto these little gems in one of the shops.


Bad Kid magnets.

I had way too much fun choosing a few to bring home with me . . . so I can pass them on to family and friends.

So much fun!


And. . .


How about this one. . .


Or this one. . .


So delightful. . .


There were so many to choose from . . . I may have to return for more next week!  (I found a few here and there online, but the artist doesn't seem to have his own website.)

These particular magnets are for friends and family members, but one of them I'm saving all for myself.  Can you guess which one????

Enjoy a fun Friday!

Are You Hanging on the Edge of Your Seat?

Sing it, Freddie!


In my continuing quest to wrap up some futz-y knitting (and finishing) before the end of the September, I bring you . . .



Another one bites the dust!

This one wasn't terribly futz-y. 

Except for the part when I ran out of yarn with 7 rows to go.  THAT was futz-y.

And, then. . . well, there was the braiding.


THAT was futz-y, too.  But totally worth it.  LOVE the braid.  (And, as an added bonus, I now know how to make friendship bracelets.)

Oh, and the lining.



But, in the end, a rather cute little bag. 


And another one gone. . .

And another one gone. . .

(Ravelry details here.)

Happy New Year!

I celebrated my own, personal version of Rosh Hashanah on Sunday evening.


I'm not Jewish, and I have never celebrated Rosh Hashanah before. 

But this year, I decided it was time. . . to partake, at some basic level, in the Jewish New Year!

So I ate my first Honeycrisp apple of the season.  With some honey (and, truth be told, some peanut butter, too).  And I set about writing my goals and resolutions for the coming year.*

  • Freshen up
  • Pare down
  • Sharpen tools
  • Get out
  • Keep moving
  • Big stretch
  • Make room
  • Try things
  • Pressure OFF
  • Consume responsibly
  • Explore faith
  • Create light
  • Express myself
  • Eat well

Happy New Year!


*Writing my goals has actually been a month-long journaling project.  I'll spare you the details, but just know that each of the two-word goals listed above has a corresponding "story" and set of sub-goals. . . deep in the heart of my current journal!

Start from the Start


We need a little soundtrack action today. . .


because when I think of "weekend," the Soundtrack in my Head turns to LoverBoy. . .

This week, Carole has us thinking of Ten Things We Love To Do on the Weekend.  I'm sort of torn on this topic, actually.  Because I really love to do fun and exciting things on the weekend.  But then. . . I also appreciate simple, efficient weekends full of The Stuff of Everyday.

When it comes right down to it, though, What I Love To Do on the Weekend. . .


Start from the Start. . .

  1. Wake up early enough . . . but not TOO early . . . to feel like my day isn't wasted.
  2. Enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee . . . or two . . . (or maybe even three!).
  3. Make it to the gym for that 9:00 am spinning class.
  4. Run a few errands.
  5. Get out in the garden.
  6. Relax with a book. . . or my knitting . . . or maybe with the phone . . . to call my sister or my daughter or my mom.
  7. Catch up with some of those nagging chores:  menu planning, grocery shopping, laundry.
  8. Take a long walk with Jenny.
  9. Enjoy a pleasant evening with Tom . . .  a glass of wine, a good meal, and maybe some friends.
  10. And . . . relish the thought that there are TWO such days in a weekend!

How about YOU?  What do you love to do on the weekend?


 Join the fun!  Sign up for Ten on Tuesday here.

It's Coming. . .

We headed Up North this weekend.


The weather is cooler.  The nights are getting longer.  Leaves are starting to turn color and fall.


It's coming.


The change in season.

Time to take out the docks, and settle the boat for the winter.

Brian came up to help us.  (It's actually a closer drive for him, from campus, than for us, from home.)


(Jenny was thilled to see him!)

And . . . just. . .


like. . .


that. . .


the docks were out.  And the boat was up in the driveway.


Until next spring.*

Jenny was a bit befuddled about the lack of a dock.


But she discovered . . . that you don't need a dock. . .


to jump in and retrieve a floatation cushion!


And we were reminded. . .


that cool temperatures and an early sunset make for a perfect evening around the campfire.


Change is in the air. 

It's coming.


* We'll keep heading up to the cottage. . . until we close it down completely in early November.