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A Sort Of Metaphor

High on Believin'

Here's one that might take you back a bit. . .


Normally, I'm pretty thoughtful about what I knit . . . next.  I plot and I plan.  I check out Ravelry.  I think about yarn.  And colors.  And options.

Finally, I buy the pattern.  And start thinking about how it's all going to come together.


Every once in a while. . .

something happens.

Maybe I'll be working at the yarn shop. . . and a new shipment comes in.  And I happen to open the box.


And a new yarn catches my attention.

And a new pattern looks kind of intriguing.


And then. . .  I see that there's something kind of interesting in the putting together.

Is it a cable?



Could that be a braid????

Yep. That did it.  I was . . . hooked on a feeling . . . that this was the next knit for me!

(Ravelry details here.)



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Go with that feeling no matter how or when it comes, as you're right on the money! The vest suits you, fits you well and looks like it was a blast to knit!! That feeling is a great indicator of the right way to go.

Sue Nagle

That is so cool, I am so tempted...


It's fantastic! So glad you went with it and didn't ask too many questions.


That is awesome! I think you'd better bring it to Margene's so I can get a closer look.


Yay! You got it done and it looks super! Love the color too...




THAT is really nice Kym!


Kym, This is a very interesting vest. You always knit the nicest things!


So pretty! I love those colors, and it fits you really well.

Sharon R

Is that what I think it is? Is that the scary UFO? It looks great!

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