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Friday Fun

So.  The other day I was running a few errands downtown in Kalamazoo. . . and I stumbled onto these little gems in one of the shops.


Bad Kid magnets.

I had way too much fun choosing a few to bring home with me . . . so I can pass them on to family and friends.

So much fun!


And. . .


How about this one. . .


Or this one. . .


So delightful. . .


There were so many to choose from . . . I may have to return for more next week!  (I found a few here and there online, but the artist doesn't seem to have his own website.)

These particular magnets are for friends and family members, but one of them I'm saving all for myself.  Can you guess which one????

Enjoy a fun Friday!


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parties like a rock star for sure!! (love that first photo with your good kids in the background :-)


They are SO funny! I don't picture you as ever being a bad kid, as you are perfection, but maybe you ran with scissors? I can't picture you as a Bitch in Training (I've already graduated), and I certainly flunked charm school! You're are a Rock Star and Carole and I will put you to the test! ;)


Yup, either parties like a rock star or runs with scissors. Maybe you'll keep both! ;)

Sharon R

I'm not even gonna go there! As for myself... I will, indeed, strip for candy! :P


I'm picking parties like a rock star...Happy Weekend!


Hmmm. Did you flunk out of charm school? I hope you party like a rock star - I'll test you on that next week!

Lori On Little Traverse Bay

Those are great! What a HOOT!

Sue Nagle

Definately parties like a rock star!

Cheryl S.

Runs with scissors.


Parties like a rock star, no doubt about it!



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