It's Time for the Fat Lady to Sing
High on Believin'

Buggin' Me!

Before the end of . . . bug season. . . I wanted to share these photos with you.  Bugs . . . from my world!

A dragonfly in my garden.


I seem to have had more visiting dragonflies this year than any other year I can remember.    (I didn't notice his damaged wings until I saw the photo on my computer.)

A spider (and shadow) on our pontoon boat.


This little guy was quite small, but kind of interesting there. . . in duplicate.

A cicada on the window screen.


While kind of creepy, nothing says "late summer" like the sound of cicadas.

I'm enjoying the "bugs" in my world. . . before the cold weather sends them into hibernation!

Have a great weekend.




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All the bugs...but the moths! :-)


I'll tell you my spider story (also on a boat) when you're here. Dragonflies also are around my office in big numbers. I watch them fly right outside my window.
Write and let me know what you're reading. It seems the book link is broken for now. :(


I had a small cicada land in my fiber when we were at Fiber Revival last month. That was cool and the dragonfly is pretty but you can have the spider.


Wonderful dragonfly photo! I can never get that close to the ones here. I have to settle for watching them from the kitchen window. Totally not the same thing.


There are dragonflies swarming around here too. And we've had several butterflies that are mainly black with white edging on their wings but there haven't been much for orange ones at all...
Love all your photos! :)


We have had a population explosion of daddy long legs this year. I have never, ever seen so many.

As I learned when we bought this place, there is a LOT of wildlife under an inch long.


i think the green bug is a katydid. cicada's are fatter with lacier wings.

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