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Sing it, Freddie!


In my continuing quest to wrap up some futz-y knitting (and finishing) before the end of the September, I bring you . . .



Another one bites the dust!

This one wasn't terribly futz-y. 

Except for the part when I ran out of yarn with 7 rows to go.  THAT was futz-y.

And, then. . . well, there was the braiding.


THAT was futz-y, too.  But totally worth it.  LOVE the braid.  (And, as an added bonus, I now know how to make friendship bracelets.)

Oh, and the lining.



But, in the end, a rather cute little bag. 


And another one gone. . .

And another one gone. . .

(Ravelry details here.)


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Quite nice my friend!

Diana Troldahl

I have been knocking things off, but not very rapidly.
I keep starting new projects! I have the excuse that with my hands' refusal to knit at my former tension, some of my ufos had to be frogged. So of course I needed a few projects that fit my current abilities! (double ended Tunisian crochet is easiest on the arthritis.. who knew?)
I also have an electric spinner headed my way in a few weeks... that's likely to put a spoke in all my ufo-finishing ideas!
Very cute bag :-}


You did a beautiful job! The bag is really rather elegant, in a folksy charming sorta way. I love it!


That is adorable!


Yay! Another one finished! And cute too. I was going to finish a pair of socks but instead I started another pair. I'm not gaining ground here...

Cheryl S.

Love it!


Love that lining. It enhances the whole thing.


You are so good! It's wonderful!

Now show us my Jenny! ;^)


This bag is just adorable. You did a wonderful job finishing it too, with the lining and the cute gromit closure thing that I don't know how to do. : D

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