High on Believin'
On the Way

A Sort Of Metaphor

Over the weekend, I sat on my patio and looked across my yard, and I saw this. . .


My pergola.

A cool and private oasis in my landscape. 




And it got me thinking. . .

because . . . well . . . it wasn't always like that.

Four years ago it looked like this. . .

Back fence design project 002

Nothing.  Just dead-ish lawn and a clear view to my neighbors' house.

I had always, always dreamed of having a pergola . . . or an arbor. . . or a gazebo.  With a swing.  And wisteria.  But I never really thought I'd actually have one.  Not in that spot, certainly.  Not anywhere.

But then I got cancer.

And needed to occupy myself during the four months of chemo treatments.

So I dreamed.  With landscape design books and gardening magazines open all around me.

Garden design process back bed 006

I decided I wanted to change my view.

I decided I wanted to create the spaces I'd always only dreamed of having.

I decided to make my dreams . . . happen.

Garden design process back bed 002

And I had help.

My friend, Sandie.  Who encouraged.

And Tom.  And Brian.  And my Dad.

They dug in.

Digging the new bed july 30 09 001

They plowed under.

Rototilling the new bed 001

They raised up.

Raising the pergola 001

They set down.

Raising the pergola 004

They hammered in.

Raising the pergola 019

My pergola.

More pergola 001

Because they love me.

And there it was. . .

More pergola 008




In need of planting.

No one would see the pergola and not know it was . . . new.  Raised from what used to be there.

Kind of like . . . I was. 

But now . . . 


Why, it looks like it's been there forever.

And always.

The structure is sound. 

The roots are deep. 

The edges are smoothed out.

Kind of like . . . me!



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Tears jumped into my eyes. The pergola looks like it has forever been giving love, comfort, and beauty to others. Just like you.


Comforting, cozy, solid, welcoming and refreshing...just like you.


What a beautiful statement to a beautiful person. I've got the tears too!


This is a wonderful metaphor! And that is a beautiful spot to sit and knit, dream, read and relax.


It is perfect.

I think it was so smart of you to give everyone a shared project during that difficult time. I'm sure the menfolk enjoyed being able to DO something and I know you loved all that planning.


Hard to say which I love more, the pergola or the metaphor. Both are excellent!


again, Kym, you inspire! you envisioned a lovely space...and it happened. even better that it was built with the sweat of those who love you.

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