Kickin' Back. . .
Perfecting the Art of the S'more

Wouldn't It Be Nice?



Some music to set the mood. . .


I think my favorite vacations involve a trip to the beach.  From the humble beach at my little lakefront cottage . . . to the gorgeous beaches of Maui . . . I just love spending time at the water's edge.  It's calm, and peaceful, and restorative.


And, lucky for me, I live in Michigan. . . where we have beautiful beaches all around us!


Sand.  Surf.  Sunshine.


Beautiful views.  Perfect sunsets.  But no salt water!


When my niece was visiting earlier in August, Brian and I took her to South Haven for an afternoon on the shores of Lake Michigan (where all of these photos where taken).  We had a fabulous time.

This week, Carole has us thinking about Ten Things To Do At The Beach.  Here's what I like to do. . .

  1. Just kick back and relax.
  2. Listen to the sounds of the water and the seagulls.
  3. Walk the beach in the surf.
  4. Play in the water and the waves.
  5. Work on my tan.
  6. Read a little.
  7. Maybe take a nap.
  8. Engage in some serious people-watching.
  9. Find inspiration with my camera.
  10. But, mostly, just a whole lot of . . . nothing!


Wouldn't it be nice?  Oh, yeah!

How about YOU?  What do you like to do at the beach?


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