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Summer Fun

No time for Ten on Tuesday blogging today. . . but I thought I'd share some summer fun instead.

Here's the latest longboarding video from Brian and his friends, Jamie and Brennan, up at the beach in Pentwater, Michigan.



And. . . see you tomorrow!


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This video is the incarnation of summer in 3 minutes! I just LOVE watching the boys enjoying a run.


Looks like a lot of fun and someone is doing a super job with the camera! But I keep holding my breath...just hoping there aren't any crashes and road burns.


Very cool! And even though I knew they wouldn't have filmed one of them getting hurt, well, I kept worrying. I'm not sure how you cope with how active Brian is!


Wow that's some great filming! I miss the lakes so much. I never really realized it until I was gone though.

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