Wouldn't It Be Nice?
Right Now . . . August

Perfecting the Art of the S'more

When it heads toward evening up at our cottage, we gather around the fire pit. . .


to rehash the day. . . and welcome the night.  Usually with a beverage. . .


Tom loves to put together a good fire!  It's so peaceful to watch the flames as the sky darkens, and night falls, and the flames die back . . .


and the embers start to dance!

That's when it's time . . .

to get out the marshmallows and the Hershey bars and the graham crackers.


Yes.  It's time for S'mores!


Over the years, we've made hundreds and hundreds of S'mores around our fire pit*.  Rarely do we have a trip Up North that doesn't involve that winning combination of toasted marshmallow - chocolate - and graham crackers.  Fun to make.  Tasty.  The perfect Social Snack!

Tom is a MASTER when it comes to S'mores!


He has a knack for finding just the right coals. 
He loads only one marshmallow on his toasting fork.
He is very patient about slowly turning the marshmallow so all sides toast evenly.
He waits.  And he waits.  And he waits.

Until that one, little, ordinary marshmallow puffs up with golden deliciousness!


Mmmmmm.  Mmmmmm.




* Tom even introduced a group of his Indian colleagues to the S'more when they were visiting the United States last year.  They were a bit bewildered by the experience, but were very good sports about trying this American camp fire tradition!