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Out, Damned Spot! . . . or. . . The Trouble with Red

I've been doing some redecorating up at our cottage this summer.

When we first built the cottage (back in 1996-1997), we painted all the rooms the same color:  Navajo White.  It was just easier that way.  But I've always intended to re-paint . . . in living color.

I started with the hallway.

Then, last month, I moved on to our bedroom.  I wanted to give it some "cottage charm" -- a little bit rustic, comfortable-looking, yet sort of . . . woodsy.  I chose paint colors from the Martha Stewart collection (one wall in "Barn,"  and three walls in "Monk's Cloth" ), had them mixed at Home Depot, and hauled it all up north to paint.

Before. . .


During. . .


After. . .



The  "Monk's Cloth" (an olivey-taupey color) was a dream to work with!  It covered beautifully in one coat -- with a second touch-up coat.  The "Barn" was another story altogether.  One wall . . . four coats*:

  1. First coat -- murder scene. . .
  2. Second coat -- bordello boudoir. . .
  3. Third coat -- started to look like maybe I hadn't made a huge mistake after all . . .
  4. Fourth coat -- would do Martha proud!

I'm really excited to go up next week with new curtains (I have yet to make. . .) and lamps.  I love the way it's turning out.


For several days, though, I had to deal with this. . .


Out, damned spot!


*  I'm rather lucky that Tom is color blind and couldn't really "see" what I was doing with the walls.