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I grew up in that Golden Age of television . . . back when there were only 3 channels, and programming ended at midnight (with the Star Spangled Banner).  I watched the original showings of Gilligan's Island and The Addams Family and Beverly Hillbillies.  I remember when we were one of the first families on the block to get a color TV . . . and I remember that not all programs were IN color, even when we had a color TV!


I eagerly awaited my favorite television programs each week!  My favorites, as a child, included:

1.  The Brady Bunch -- Marcia was my role model; I wanted to BE Marcia!

2.  Here Come the Brides -- Bobby Sherman was my first crush!

3.  The Partridge Family -- . . . and David Cassidy was my second crush!

4.  Family Affair -- Uncle Bill was just so exotic to me . . . such a swinger!

5.  Dark Shadows -- My friends and I used to race home to watch this one after school each day; my poor sister was scared to death!

6.  Hawaii Five-O -- My whole family gathered to watch this show each week; we all loved it!  Book 'm, Dan-O!

7.  Marcus Welby, MD -- I thought young James Brolin was awfully adorable, yet really dumb a lot of the times.

8.  All in the Family -- This show was so controversial when I was a kid -- but it certainly got me thinking about social issues of the day and probably helped me form more ideas about how-things-ought-be than anything else I was exposed to at the time.

9.  The Carol Burnett Show -- I always loved the funny skits on this show!

10. The Mary Tyler Moore Show -- I wanted a cool apartment just like Mary's when I grew up!

What were YOUR favorite tv shows when you were a child?


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HOW could I have forgotten the Carol Burnett Show??? My entire family adored that one!

Fun list!!


Fun list! We must be about the same age based on our lists - which are similar.


Saturday morning I was channel surfing, and one of the local stations was showing "Here Come the Brides" - I nearly fell off the couch!


A few years of difference may not matter in most things, but in TV there is a big difference.
We didn't have color TV in my childhood and TV time was limited by my mom. My faves were Mickey Mouse Club, Captain Kangaroo, Roy Rogers, Sky King, Gunsmoke, Rawhide and The Ed Sullivan Show. My mom watched Andy Williams and Perry Como. TV went off air at 10:00. Times have changed!


I forgot about Family Affair. I was so jealous of my friends that had a Mrs. Beasley doll.


Great list! I remember when tv signed off every night with The Star Spangled Banner. My kids don't believe me, they think TV has always been on 24/7!

Cheryl S.

Just ditto your list for me. And let's see... The Wild Wild West and Maverick. James Garner for me, and Robert Conrad for my sister.

Should I admit that I had a poster of Barnabus Collins on the wall in my bedroom? It came with the record album.


My age is showing! I wasn't a kid when I watched your list. :) Lassie was my all-time favorite.
I can remember my dad talking about color TV and wondering if it would really catch on or if it was just a passing fad.


Man, we truly did grow up in the Golden Age!! and I used to love watching re-runs even then -- The Honeymooners, I Love Lucy!

I'm having a hard time knocking my list down to 10... it just keeps growing!!


What about Batman with Adam West. I loved that show!


I had forgotten that TV ended at midnight. (How quickly we forget!) Before we had a color tv I used to be so amazed at the photos of stage sets, etc., in TV Guide that were in COLOR! They didn't look anything like what I was used to seeing on our b&w set. Our first color set was in 1964.


HOW did I forget the Carol Burnett Show? It was one of my absolute favorites and always made me laugh. And I loved Family Affair, too!


I loved most all of these (though we weren't allowed to watch Dark Shadows at our house. . .) I was a big fan of The Waltons and my dad loved Gunsmoke. After school we watched Gilligans Island or Gomer Pyle. At my best friend's house, Wild Wild West was the after school favorite. Oh yes, and the Mod Squad.

Be there, Aloha!
(to your Book'em Danno)


How about The Lone Ranger, Father Knows Best, Howdy Doody, Perry Mason and Rin Tin Tin. Don't think any of those were in color. We were also too young to stay up for Your Hit Parade but managed to sneak out and watch it anyway.


this was a fun topic! I noticed as I was linking from wikipedia that most of my favorite shows were from ABC. huh, I don't think I watch that channel anymore at all. but I do watch NBC! and I would probably stop on any of those you listed and check them out (one more time - except for Dark Shadows - I don't remember seeing it ever!) if I saw them in re-runs!

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