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Baby Come Back!

Remember this one*? 

Baby come back. . .

As you know, I don't knit socks.  I have, of course.  Sure, I understand the charm of The Sock; I appreciate the portability of The Sock; and I firmly believe that Turning the Heel is the most magical thing in all of knitting.

But my Sock MoJo left long ago!

Any kind of fool could see. . .

Then, a couple of months ago, one of my co-workers asked me if I would knit a sample sock using one of her patterns and some new sock yarn from a local dyer.  For a booth at Stitches Midwest
Ummmm, I said. 
Just one, she said. 
Okay, I said. 
Just one, I said.
Thanks, she said.

I didn't want to, though.

First, I didn't like the look of the yarn.  Not my color.  Kind of boring-looking.  Second, the pattern has a futzy cable.  And ribbing.  And I don't like either one when it comes to socks.  Third, hand-knit socks just never seem to fit me right.  They're always too bulky.

But I said I would do it, so I cast on.

There was something in everything about you. . .


But once I got started, I discovered . . . that I LIKED the yarn.  A lot**.  (I'm pretty sure it's the touch of silk.)  And the ribbing . . . not so bad.  In fact, it helped the sock . . . FIT me.  (Still don't like futzy things - like cables - on socks, though.)

Baby come back, you can blame it all on me. . .


I cast on right away to make the second sock.

I was wrong, and I just can't live without you!


But now. . . one sock is gone.  Packed up to go to Stitches Midwest.

Baby come back!  (Ravelry details here.)


*Go waaaaay back.  1978.  But still infectious, non?

**Ummm.  Bought another skein and cast on for another pair.  No cable, though.


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Lovely! A beautiful combination of yarn, pattern and knitting talent! ;-)


Very pretty! I must have a pair of socks on the needles at all times!


By the time it's cold enough to need socks your baby will return, non? Yay for sock knitting and the return of the Mojo!


Yea...I'm not much into socks anymore either. Got a pair on the needles but they've been there for a LONG time. I do dearly love hand knit socks in the winter though...helps keep my tootsies warm!
I do love the cables...very pretty...but maybe on a sweater and not socks!


Excellent! I am on the hunt for sock patterns that are more interesting than plain stockinette or ribbing but not so interesting that they are a pain to knit. These are perfect. Thanks, Kym, and thank, Diane!


that's a nice looking pair of socks. maybe it's the silk, but that is a shimmery blue on my screen...will look great with jeans!

Barbara S

Pretty socks. I don't knit socks much anymore, either. I now am knitting so many shawlettes that I really need to go out more to wear all of them. However, there is nothing like the feel of warm, hand knit, woolly socks on a cold day. They feel friendlier on my feet, as ridiculous as that sounds.


Those are pretty and I actually love the cable going down the side. Futzy or not it makes for an elegant sock. You won't need that second sock for a while anyway, right? Right!


Only weirdos knit socks. ;^)


Hahaha,,, but don't you need to knit only one more sock?!?

Lovely socks indeed.

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