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Welcome Waggin'

That Jenny.

She is a friendly dog.  And very enthusiastic.


She loves everyone. She thinks every person is her friend.  She gives each visitor to our house -- be it beloved family member, dishwasher repairman, or political canvasser -- a warm Jenny-greeting, complete with vigourous tail-wagging, overall body-wiggling, some dog-kisses if possible, and maybe a play-bow or two .


But earlier this week . . . her friendliness reached an entirely new level.

The other day, Jenny and I were out checking the garden near my driveway.  We do not have an "invisible fence," but Jenny is very good at sticking with me --  staying in the yard and  controlling her instinct to run. 

As we were busy in the garden, I could see a car approaching on the road.

For some unknown (and unusual) reason, Jenny got very excited and alert . . . and waggy. . . as she watched the car approaching.

Very excited. 

Very waggy.

When the car parked at the house across the street -- a house that was recently sold and vacated, I might add -- Jenny bolted across the street (despite my commands that she SIT. STAY. COME.).

As the driver (a man we have never seen before) got out of his car, Jenny nearly knocked him over with wagging and greeting and licking.

And then. . . quicker than I could dash across the street to grab her . . .

SHE LEAPED INTO HIS CAR through the open door!!!!

(Where there were two shrieking children, unaccustomed to dogs!!!)

Yes.  Turns out this car was full of my new neighbors.  And Jenny. . . became the first neighbor they met. 

I guess you could call her . . . the Welcome Waggin'. . .


And although new-neighbor Mike was very gracious and kind about the Jenny-welcome, I was mortified.  (And his kids. . . well, they may be scarred for life!)

Oh, Jenny!


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That's really interesting - I wonder why she was so excited! Sounds like she's made friends for life, though.


Oh Jenny! I can imagine how embarrassing it must have been. Eventually the children will grow to love Jenny. She won't have it any other way!


Jenny! (What a great dog name btw.) She just knew she had great new friends!


So funny - our dog Dug did the same thing last week when our neighbors were helping their houseguests empty their car!




Oh Jenny! She was probably thinking...Oh, boy, kids, there's kids in that car, gotta get next to the kids. And then she did! Glad it turned out ok.


She's so good, she KNEW they were the new neighbors and wanted to make an impression!

I'm guessing she did. ;^)

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