Dog Days . . . Up North
Doing Good

Right Now . . . July Edition

Here's what's going on in my life  . . . RIGHT NOW.


Watching . . . the Olympics.  But, so far, I've only watched about 30 minutes worth.  (That Ryan Lochte is pretty dang adorable, non?)

Reading . . . Broken Harbor by Tana French.  (Also very intrigued by the newly-released Man Booker Prize longlist.  I always try to read most of the Man Booker nominees, so now I have a whole, new list to work from.)

Knitting . . . I'm working on this little tank/sweater from this little magazine.  Also up:  a pair of socks (gasp!) and a lace scarf (yet to cast on . . . but soon!) from Anne Hanson.

Humming . . . Tunes from I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change!  (Tom and I saw it at Farmer's Alley Theater last Friday night -- and it was so much fun.)

Thinking about . . . So very, very, many things.  All at the same time.


Listening to . . . Amos Lee.  So nice.

Dreading . . . You probably don't want to hear this . . . but over the weekend, while "helping" us transplant some things in the garden, Jenny discovered a bunny nest.  We covered it back up before any damage was done, but. . . I dread what will happen if the mom-bunny doesn't come back.  Or our neighborhood hawk finds them.  Or other nature-y unpleasantness.

Planning . . . The rest of the summer. . . and how to make hay while the sun shines.

Excited about . . . Redecorating!  It started with some painting Up North . . . and now, I'm getting all excited about plans to re-paint and re-format and re-do . . . everywhere.

Drinking . . . LaCroix sparkling water.  (I'm especially fond of the orange flavor.)

Itching to . . . Paint!

Needing to . . . Thin out my Yarn Stash.  I have some yarns (nice yarns!) that I just know I'll never knit with.  Ever.  I'm needing to have a Stash Sale.

Organizing . . . I've been working on a better calendar system for myself.  Although I love the calendar on my iPhone/iPad, I just don't use "digital" calendars as effectively as I do "Old School" calendars.  For me, there's just something about "penciling-it-in. . ." and actually writing things down.

Inspired by . . . A lampshade.  (Pottery Barn.  This one.)

Delighted by. . . My succulent container gardens . . . and my frogs!  (The rest of my garden looks pretty darn crappy this year.  I blame the weather.)


How about you?  What's happening for YOU . . . Right Now?


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Frogs! I haven't seen a frog in years. You have so many grand plans and ideas. Your energy amazes me. Go grrl!!


We saw so many bunnies this weekend! Sounds like you've got some great things on your plate right now and talking about painting reminds me that I never showed the blog my living room after we finished painting it. Yay for blog fodder!


Anticipating the arrival of DGD in two weeks and thinking about where the stuff will go from the storage unit my Dad had us empty's not alot but it's got to go somewhere! Happy Monday!


A new Tana French novel, yippee! I clicked right over to my library's online catalog and requested it. I am #71 on the list for the 13 copies in the system. It will be like an unexpected Christmas/birthday present when I get it.

Love that lampshade. I have always been fond of Jacobean-type patterns. Are you going to reproduce it yourself?


I don't really need any more yarn but I'd love to know if/when you are doing your yarn stash sale.... I'd love to browze at least!
Yup, the gardens are definitely crappy here too. I should have done more watering.
You've got frogs?? Cool.


Bunnies? Oh no!

Cheryl S.

Frogs! Cute!


lacroix orange is my favorite! I'll bet your crappy garden still makes mine look like...real crap! and I'm with you on the calendar thing. I'm trying to embrace digital, but now I find myself printing the thing out every monday and "checking in" each morning to cross out/add/update. just like seeing it on paper!!

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