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My Version of the Stockholm Syndrome*

Our Scandinavian journey began in Stockholm, Sweden.


My sister and I really based this whole trip on a strong and long-held desire to visit Sweden.  As I've mentioned, our Great Grandparents emigrated to the United States from Sweden as teenagers (separately; they met and married in the US).   Our childhoods were infused with Swedish tradition and foods, especially around the holidays.

So we'd always been interested in visiting Sweden.  (Although we didn't get a chance to visit Göteburg, the city where our Great Grandparents lived, which is located on the opposite coast of Sweden from Stockholm.)

We both loved Stockholm!


In fact, I think it was my favorite place of our entire journey.


Our tour guides (Annika, Inger, and Ilse. . . of course!) did a great job of showing us the highlights. . .


explaining the history and significance of the city. . .


introducing us to the fourteen separate islands that make up Stockholm. . .


describing Swedish traditions and ways of living. . .


and pointing out Lisbeth Salander's apartment. . . the offices of Millenium Magazine. . . and where Daniel Craig ran down the street while filming The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo!


We spent most of our time in Gamla stan -- the "old town" of Stockholm -- visiting the Royal Palace (absolutely elegant and lovely . . . but no photos allowed) and walking the streets.


It was just a couple of days past Midsummer when we arrived (this is a MAJOR holiday/celebration in most Scandinavian countries), so the days were very long (the sun set at about 11:30 pm . . . but rose again at 2:00 am!) and the Stockholmers were soaking up every moment of the delicious sunshine that they could!


The weather was rather chilly (about 65˚F), but sunny and bright.  (Well, except for a sudden downpour that lasted about 30 minutes while we were up in the Kaknästornet!)



We had a wonderful time in Stockholm.  Such a lovely, welcoming city!


(And we know we'll be back. . . because we met the Iron Boy . . . and we touched his head . . . which brings good luck, and also the promise of a return to Stockholm!)


*We saw the location of the bank where the Stockholm Syndrome originally "happened" . . . (actually, we saw it at least three separate times) . . . during our travels around Stockholm.