Adventures in St. Petersburg - Installment 4: RVR VU

Market Fresh


I love visiting the Farmer's Market here in Kalamazoo! 


On Saturdays, Tom and I like go to an early spinning class at the gym . . . and then head over to the Farmer's Market on our way home.


This week, Carole has us thinking about Ten Great Things About the Farmer's Market:

  1. Fresh, local, in-season fruits and vegetables (That's really what it's all about!)
  2. Supporting local farmers  ('Nuff said!)
  3. Fresh-baked pies and breads (Tom can never resist the baked goods.)
  4. Lovely cut flowers (I especially love to pick up bunches of gladiolas!)
  5. Home-baked dog treats (Jenny doesn't come with us to the market, but she is a Very Happy Dog when we come home.)
  6. Running into friends (Although it's always too crowded for more than a quick "hello.")
  7. Atmosphere (It's just such a pleasant way to spend a bit of time on a relaxed Saturday morning.)
  8. Inspired cooking and baking (Sometimes I shop with a specific list, sometimes I just let the veggies call to me!)
  9. Sense of community (There's more of a sense of . . . being with others and feeling part of a whole . . . at the Market; so different from the grocery store.)
  10. Sample trays (I love the booths that let you sample their berries and peaches and tomatoes as you shop.  Mmmmmm!)


How about YOU?  Are you a Farmer's Market shopper?  What do you especially enjoy?


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