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Let's Pretend . . . We're in Estonia

Once, many years ago, I was visiting my sister with my kids (they were probably about 6 and 3 at the time) at her house.  We were preparing lunch in her kitchen for the five of us. . . Erin and Brian and I, and my sister and her daughter, Jes (who would've been 7).  My sister and I overheard this conversation between Erin and Jes. . .

Jes:  Let's pretend . . . we're cousins. . .            [Ummm.  They ARE.]
Erin: . . . and we're fixing lunch . . .                    [Ummm.  There WERE.]
Jes: . . . with our moms . . .                                   [Ummm.  Yeah.]
Erin: . . . and they're sisters...                               [Ummm.  Duh.]

My sister and nearly died with laughter.  (Behind our daughters' back, mind you!)  I mean . . . let's pretend . . .

We revisit that little scenario often, my sister and I.  It never fails to delight us.

Which is why. . .


we giggled out loud . . .


as we wandered the streets of Tallinn, Estonia . . .


saying to each other . . .


Let's pretend. . .


we're sisters. . .


and we're walking the streets. . .


of Estonia. . .


Oh!  Yeah!


We ARE!!!!

I don't think that I've ever visited a more charming place than Estonia!


It felt like . . . walking into a fairy tale!


It truly did.


Magical and mystical and medieval.


Perhaps my favorite place.  (Although, really. . . it's too hard to choose.)


Let's pretend. . .

Note for knitters:  I saw lots and lots of beautiful Estonian lace and handknit items in the shops.  But not one skein of yarn.  Not. One.


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What a beautiful place, will have to add it to my dream list! :)

A friend recently told me Croatia is the most beautiful place she ever visited (and she travels a lot so maybe you should add Croatia to your list if it is not already there...


Wow. Wow. Wow. Just lovely. My travel list is growing by the minute! :-)


It looks utterly charming and definitely fairytale-like.

Lori On Little Traverse Bay

Ooh, after your lovely photos, I want to visit Estonia, too! "Fairy tale" does seem to capture it.


How charming! I love it. And what fun memories to have with your sister. Nice.
So tell me...did you buy any of that lace?? :D


Nancy Bush introduced us to Estonia, its beauty its knitters and its lace through her books and travels. I've been enchanted by the charm of Estonia for years. It makes my heart sing to know you were there to see it, and enjoy it,first hand.


I've read so many wonderful articles about knitting in Estonia- your photos really give a sense of place- thanks for sharing your travel adventures!


I love it!

I wonder if the knitters tehre get all the yarn and leave none for visiters. :?

Cheryl S.

So charming! But no yarn? The heartache.


Estonia does look lovely . . . I will have to add it to my list also. And I had no idea St. Petersburg had so many bridges!


What gorgeous colors! Looks like a fantastic place to visit, although it would have been nice had they also had yarn for sale.

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