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Doing Good


I'm a firm believer in . . . Doing Good.  You know.  Making the world a better place.  Smiling at people.  Making eye contact.  Really listening.  Volunteering to help.  Donating money.  Lending a hand.  Spreading sunshine!


 This week, Carole has us thinking about the Good Deeds we did this week.  Here are a few of mine:

  1. When I was putting gas in my car last week, the guy next to me was having some serious problems with his debit card.  And he was stuck.  Really stuck.  And it was 103°.  I gave him some money for gas -- and a cold drink -- so he could be on his way.
  2. My friend Sandie's garden was part of a Garden Tour last week.  I helped her with last-minute weeding and deadheading before the tour.  She told me I was like a little bee . . . flitting from plant to plant and working magic with my little pruning scissors.
  3. I packed Tom's suitcase for his trip to India last weekend.  He's perfectly capable of packing his own suitcase, but I like to help him get ready for his trip.  It keeps him calm, and I can make sure that his shirts are folded and packed with love. 
  4. I complimented a woman's new hairstyle at the gym.  She beamed.  I don't know her, but it didn't matter.  It's always wonderful to hear something flatters!
  5. I provided a listening ear for my sister.  Sometimes people just need to be heard, y'know?
  6. I volunteered to work a Saturday shift at the yarn shop next month.  I don't mind a Saturday once in a while during the winter months, but it's a big sacrifice for me during the summer.
  7. I remembered to ask a proud new Grandma if she had any photos of her new grandson.  (She did.)
  8. I pick up Jenny's . . . leavings. . . on our walks.  (Always do. . .)
  9. I repaired a split seam on Tom's very favorite (and very oldest) pair of shorts. (Now they should be good for ANOTHER 15 years.)
  10. I recycled . . . and composted . . . and took a load of stuff to Goodwill.

How about YOU?  Did you spread some sunshine this week?





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Don't forget you talked me down from my little freak out, too. My world righted itself after hearing from you. Small kindness change lives in a dynamic way.


You were very kind this week!


You did great, honey!


You had a very good week...we all need to remember to incorporate those things into our everyday lives...


It feels so good to give random (but heartfelt) compliments!


Very nice! You did some very kind things!


:-) picking up after holly was on my list til I remembered it was election day ...and voted like a good citizen! I'm sure that saturday you're picking up at your LYS will provide PLENTY of good deed opportunities! (we have to stick together, right?!)


You are a credit to the human race (srsly). The 80-yo former librarian I worked with at the local library was most excellent at the occasional compliment to someone's shoes, hair, whatever. I could see how much people liked it so I try to follow her example.

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