Adventures in St. Petersburg - Installment 4: RVR VU
Dog Days . . . Up North

Adventures in St. Petersburg - Installment 5: Sailing Into the Sunset

And so, it was time for us to leave St. Petersburg.


Our ship pulled away from the dock at 11:00 pm . . . (yet look how light it still was that evening!)


We sailed off, comfortable on deck, wine glasses in hand. . . saying goodbye to St. Petersburg. . . and Russia. . .


and into the MOST BEAUTIFUL sunset of the the entire journey



ON!  To Estonia!


And now. . . A Special Travel Contest!

In Russia, my sister and I purchased several sets of Matryoshka dolls for ourselves, our families, and our friends.


I happen to have one unclaimed set . . . the little set shown above . . . so I decided to offer it as a prize to my blog travlogue readers!  

Here are the rules:  Leave a comment on this post or any of my remaining travelogue posts (brace yourselves -- I still have Estonia, Visby, and Copenhagen to go!) for a chance to win this little Matryoshka doll set.  I'll announce the winner on August 10.

If you can't think of a comment to leave, just answer this:  "Where in the world would YOU like to go?"




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Your pictures and stories of Russia have been very interesting. While I never thought of Russia as a vacation destination before, I am re-thinking that. Beautiful old buildings. Love it.


Your travelogue has been superb, beautiful, fun and so inspirational. I'd love to go to Morocco and Italy (and anywhere you go).


Oh Babushka! this is how we call them in Israel or at least I do :) How tall is the biggest one in this set? I used to have a huge one a friend once brought me when I asked him to bring me the largest babushka he can find when he traveled to Russia. I think the biggest one was about a foot or more and I think it had 12 dolls inside - and now I wonder where did I leave it!?! I still have with me a beautiful small one in not characteristic colors of mainly dark blue and white.


Absolutely stunning sunset. Stunning.
I love the nesting dolls. I bought a plastic set for the boys when they were little but being boys they didn't see the enchantment of them... :)


That is a gorgeous sunset! I'm loving your travelogue and I'm glad there's so much more to come. Hannah used to have a collection of Matryoshka dolls when she was little - I'll have to ask her whatever happened to them. As for where I'd like to go: Tahiti!


Thanks so very much for your travelogue, it was wonderful. I would most like to go to Scotland but not until I go to all the states! So many wonderful places to see right here.


Those nesting dolls would look perfect next to my orange Swedish horse! And where do I want to go...I think Italy next!


What an amazing adventure you've had!! This is now on my bucket list of things I must do in this lifetime :)


Such a beautiful sunset! Did it hurt you to leave Russia? Or were you ready to move on by departure time?

Cheryl S.

I was telling Margene about the river cruise on the Danube that I've booked for next year, and we had considered a Russian one - she told me you were posting about your trip, so I had to come check it out. I'll look forward to chatting with you about it in person!


I'm procrastinating from writing my travelogue by reading yours! I just got back from Paris, which was fabulous. My next dream destination is Greece/Turkey, which may take another few years to figure out.

Lori On Little Traverse Bay

A travelogue AND a contest? Lucky us!


Thank you for sharing your vacation with us - I was excited to see all the places you visited as many of them are on own "my list". What fabulous pictures - you make the vacation come alive.

My favourite vacation was Venice - we stayed at a nearby island called Lido and had to charmingly take a water taxi/shuttle back and forth to Venice city proper every day. Best of all was visiting a LYS called Lellabella and buying a skein of souvenir yarn (grignasco cashmere-seta)


One word for your "reader" sister...KINDLE!! I have 1800 books on mine! I can always find something to read plus my kindle if lighter than most books to carry.

Were there no yarn stores? You know the drill...a skein in every port! vbg


Wonderful pictures and commentary of your recent visit to Europe. I have been fascinated by your pictures and descriptions, particularly of St. Petersburg. I had never thought I would want to visit Russia, but now I do! However, my VERY first choice of a European country to visit would be Ireland where my ancestors came from.


All of this make me more sure that if the budget ever allows. Husband and I are going to take one of the small around Europe type cruises. Though, the once in the Far East have their appeal too.

Hope you had as wonderful a time as your pictures. Also thank you for sharing. A mint City tour from the comforts of my home.

Diana Troldahl

I have been enjoying your travelogue SO Much :-}

Where would I like to go?
I have lived in Japan, but never visited Europe. I think I would most love a hiking tour of Scotland, but since that is not likely possible, I would just enjoy going anywhere overseas with enjoyable accessible places to visit.
After all, I will have the most fun if I feel I can engage at the same level as my fellow travelers.
Other countries Os and I have discussed visiting are Iceland and parts of Scandanavia, Australia and New Zealand...

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