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Up North: This and That

It was a dark and dreary weekend. . . rainy, and downright cold . . . but we headed up north to put the docks in the lake anyway.


(The sun came out on Sunday morning. . . just hours before we packed up and left for home. Natch.)

We were entertained by a pair of pileated woodpeckers hanging about in our woods.


They move fast!  This is the best photo I was able to get . . . for now.  (It is amazing how loud these guys are; seriously, they sound like little jackhammers when they peck, and they have a slightly prehistoric-sounding call.)

Tom and Brian tried their first batch of beer.  An IPA.


From all accounts . . . pretty good!  (Alas, I stuck to my wine.)

I did a lot of knitting.  We will not speak of it now, however.


You see. . . this tiny little bit is all I have to show for hours and hours (and hours) of knitting.  Followed by 60 seconds of ripping. 

(And even that little bit . . . is gone now, too.)

I did, though, paint the back hallway at the cottage.

Before. . .


After. . .


Sometimes crappy weather makes for interesting and productive* weekends.


* Except for the knitting!