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Bring It!

One More Thing To Do!

Things are really hoppin' round here.  Visits.  Celebrations.  Work deadlines.  Getting ready for a long trip. 

I don't have time to knit.  I don't have time to keep up with my blog friends.  I don't even have time to muster the energy to think about the Ravelry/International Olympic Committee standoff over the Ravelympics (. . . knitters "denigrating the athletes" my patootie. . . ), let alone the many responses to the insult!

And now, the dishwasher is on the fritz.

What's a gal to do?

Why, grab her best gardening pal and head to . . .


Wenke's Famous Cart Sale!

Because . . . when the going gets tough


the tough get going!


Why not?  Fill a cart for $40 a pop.  All you can plant!


Oh, yeah. . .

now I need to plant it. . .


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Good Morning! Good luck! Have a great weekend - and my ice maker decided to explode just before our trip. Love timing!


Seriously?? $40 a cart?? Oh man...I'd go nuts on a deal like that. Makes me lightheaded just thinking about it. ;)
Have a wonderful trip!


It's not hard to figure out where you'll be this weekend! Enjoy!


If your weather is anything like mine (and it should be, or soon will be), at least you'll have a fabulous weekend for getting all of that loveliness planted!

I'm so excited for your trip!!


You'll get it all done, you always do. Happy planting, happy tripping!


Awesome. Love the before and after shots!

Diana Troldahl

I think I spotted heliotrope!
It is a must-plant for me, ever since i played Mrs. Gibbs in Our Town.. plus I love that vanilla cherry pie scent.
next year I will have planting space!


Wow, that sure looks like an excellent deal and we know you can plant them all in time!

A trip? did I read a long trip? Where are you heading? Have fun wherever it is!


I was thinking teach the dog to do dishes. ;^)

I love this post every year. Now get to planting, so we can see how it all looks in your garden.

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