All In Good Fun
Bring It!

One More Thing To Do!

Things are really hoppin' round here.  Visits.  Celebrations.  Work deadlines.  Getting ready for a long trip. 

I don't have time to knit.  I don't have time to keep up with my blog friends.  I don't even have time to muster the energy to think about the Ravelry/International Olympic Committee standoff over the Ravelympics (. . . knitters "denigrating the athletes" my patootie. . . ), let alone the many responses to the insult!

And now, the dishwasher is on the fritz.

What's a gal to do?

Why, grab her best gardening pal and head to . . .


Wenke's Famous Cart Sale!

Because . . . when the going gets tough


the tough get going!


Why not?  Fill a cart for $40 a pop.  All you can plant!


Oh, yeah. . .

now I need to plant it. . .