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Martha Stewart Doesn't Live Here

True confession.

I love Martha Stewart.  And Ina Garten.  And all the other "mavens" of gracious entertaining and yummy recipes (well-presented, of course!).

When this magazine arrived at my house. . .


I just knew the cover dessert (one of Martha's own "favorite berry recipes") would be perfect for the big Wild Rumpus celebration!

And so, I baked it.  (There are 7 egg yolks in the cake, with 9 egg whites whipped into a thick, thick froth and folded in.  The cake is heavenly, I tell you!)



As Tom is demonstrating, actual results may differ!


Yes.  It's clear that . . . Martha Stewart doesn't live here!



The cake was a big hit!


Just goes to show you. . . looks aren't everything!


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Martha has a whole team of perfectionists on her staff. You have a whole lotta love on yours. Your cake looks yummier!!


Actually, it looks yummy! :D

Sharon R

Heehee! No, it ain't purdy, but it's all about the taste, baby! Besides, you didn't have the food stylists on hand for the photo session. The "Wild Rumpus" sounds sounds like it was some kinda party. So many wonderful reasons to celebrate! Congats to you all!!


I don't believe anyone can really make it looks like the magazine version and if they do, they are sick! (hehehe me)

Yours look much more real and tasty to me!

Barbara S

Whoops...brave of you to post the photo...I've had strange results on recipes as well. It's all in the taste,however. I have the same magazine; I'm glad to hear it's delicious. Looks like everyone enjoyed it.


Maybe if you let my Jenny work as your stylist... ;^)


I'm sure yours was tastier than the version that turned out so perfectly for that cover photo. agree that martha's recipes are better for inspiration than actual results... ina's however, usually do turn out like the pictures!

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

I'll bet it was yummy! (And that's the important part!)


After getting a lesson in food styling at a local grocery company prepping turkeys for a Thanksgiving shoot, I would wager parts of that "cake" aren't edible. Glad yours turned out delicious.


Can't tell you how often I serve cake in bowls with some extra whipped cream, more berries and a slash of "something"- I call it trifle. : )


Food pictures are not actually made with food. They're spray painted and glued to make it look "pretty." Yours was waaaaay more awesome. Seriously, I'm still dreaming about that cake.

Diana Troldahl

I liked your cake best... looks kinda avant-garde

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