Birthday Girl

Just Three

It's Thursday.  Time for a 3-fer!


1.  Having your adult kids at home for a visit is GREAT.  But, wow!  There never seem to be any clean glasses available. . .  And there are shoes and books and keys and empty snack bags EVERYwhere!  (Feels like old times.)

2.  Two weeks from today, I'll be in Sweden with my sister!  Between work and home and garden, I have a million things to wrap up before I leave.  (Biggest concern on my mind. . . what to pack???)

3.  I have my 6-month check-up appointment with my oncologist this afternoon.  The amazing thing. . . is that I FORGOT about the appointment until I got a reminder call from her office yesterday! (I never thought that would be the case.)

Have a great Thursday!


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Kids seem to leave a trail behind them...it takes awhile for them to stop doing that!
For me it's a dilemma to know how much to pack. But maybe take a little knitting along, just in case you need it.
And I'm sending positive thoughts for your appointment.


A beautiful list of three good things. Sending positive thoughts and good vibes.


1. It's amazing how quickly we forget.
3. Giving those good thoughts and vibes from Margene and extra push.


How adult are they if there are still shoes and snack bags everywhere? Brian, I'm looking at you! :p

At least, my Jenny doesn't use glasses. ;^)


Oh my gosh, I know just what you mean about the clean glasses!!! I'm sending positive thoughts for today's appointment.


Congrats on forgetting!


I can SO relate to #1! Sweden will be wonderful... and hope the appt was a non-issue. Happy Friday!!

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