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In Case of a Water Landing

Jenny loves going up north with us. 


She loves playing in the woods and sitting around the campfire and going out in the pontoon for a ride around the lake.

But what she mostly likes is being in the water.  She likes to wade around in the lake, just checking out the fish and cooling off.  And she is especially fond of dock-jumping!


She will dive right in to retrieve any floating toys and objects, but her very favorite object of retrieval is . . .


the floatation device!

One of us will fling a floatation cushion in to the water. . .


and in she goes!

She retrieves it . . .


brings it safely to shore. . .



and stacks it up on the beach!


Over and over and over and over!


I don't know what it is about the floatation cushions, but she is wild about retrieving them and stacking them up on the beach.  She will actually take one from you if you're in the lake WITH a floatation cushion!

In case of a water landing . . . watch out for Jenny!



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She's a water dog, that's for sure!


That second photo is amazing. Look at that girl fly!


She's a retriever, all right. ;)


She must figure that they are HER floatation cushions and she's not sharing with anyone! And that they really need to be on the beach so someone can throw them again...


It's a dog's life! :-)


Your arms must be exhausted! Jenny knows what makes her happy.


Your pedal boat looks EXACTLY like the one we used to have. It was especially great when the kids were young because they could legally take it out by themselves. We gave it away to a friend after they left home because Smokey and I were afraid our combined weight would sink it ;-)


I smiled about Jenny retrieving over and over and over. and then laughed when I realized that meant someone was throwing to her over and over and over. I think she's one very smart dog!!


Doesn't she need floaties and goggles? ;^)


I grew up spending my summers in Charlevoix and swimming in Lake Michigan. Just the words "up north" evoke memories that have lasted for years (and years). I hope your up north provides the same peace and contentment.


Ah! The power of genetics! Good to see Jenny is a model of her breed.

I had a friend with a border collie and a nice yard and patio. If she had a summer outdoor party, the dog wanted all of us to stay on the patio. Going out onto the grass was a no-no.


How much fun is Jenny!

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