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Idiot Proofing

I roll my eyes and . . . guffaw. . . at idiotic warning labels on everyday products.  You know . . .

Do Not Use While Sleeping (on my hair dryer)

Use Like Regular Soap (on my bar of Dial soap)

Suitable for Outdoor Use (on my rain gauge)

Never Iron Clothes On The Body (on my Rowenta iron)

Not For Highway Use (on the rim of the tire on my wheelbarrow)

But I'm kinda thinking. . . that I might need an idiotic warning label on my knitting instructions.


Something like . . .

WARNING:  If lace pattern does not appear to line up appropriately, CONSULT THE DIRECTIONS.

That oughta do it.


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I'm with you on the idiot labels. I always wonder if people have really gotten that stupid that they need them or is it a lawyer somewhere that says they have to be put on the label.
Ohhh...but...sorry about the lace!


Some very pretty knitting going on - even if it doesn't line up : )


Oh yes, I understand EXACTLY what you're doing wrong! I did the same and could not figure it out for awhile. FINALLY, I went back and read the pattern NOTES. It's a wonder we can knit anything correctly. PS. Love your colors!


Oh no, that doesn't sound good. Hope you've heeded that warning and smoothly proceeding... in pattern.


That's one we all need to remember from time to time.


You know how much I enjoy checking in on your blog- Today I nominated you for a "Sunshine Award" I posted about it here


I always assume those warning labels come from experience, which means at least one person tried to iron clothes while wearing them and THNE complained to Rowena.

My hair dryer tells me not to use it while bathing or showering!

Good luck on the lace!


unfortunately, SEEING the problem is half the solution. it usually takes me a few wrong rows before I notice (and then a few more before I'll admit it!)


The warnings are so cute! The knitting warning makes my heart skip a beat though. Lacy misalignment strikes fear all over!

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